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PDA and PCCC are Silent on CA Dem Decertification of the Progressive Caucus

I just checked both their websites ( and and there is nothing on the decertification, which doubtless was precipitated by them calling for “exploring” a “possible primary challenge to President Obama”. See CA Dem Party May Dump Its Progressive Caucus – Can You Guess Why?

Here’s what they should have done: The should, at the very least, have condemned the decertfication, demanded it’s reversal, and also demanded an apology.

Now, if they were more committed to progressive positions, and less to the Democratic Party, they could have gone further and issued reasonable electoral threats to the Democrats. They could have picked a few non-Progressive Dems, and said, “We’re going to take you out, with a progressive, if possible. If not, we’ll vote a Republican in, in the general election. If you want to avoid this fate, we suggest that you do your part to successfully reverse the decertification.” (Meaning that they will exert electoral retribution if the effort to reverse decertification fails, no matter how much their non-Progressive targets may have tried to help, and no matter how little influence they had. Obviously, it’s better to pick more influential targets, to begin with, but it’s not necessary. This is a common sense idea, given the Democratic tribalism factor, but I will eventually write a diary on the subject, which will be part 3 of my “PCCC ( does something right” series.

They could have also urged at least a temporary abandonment of the Democratic Party, in favor of, say, the Green Party, or the New Progressive Alliance.

The decertification has made me wonder whether or not the people who argue, like Anthony Noel of the NPA, that the Democratic Party is irredeemable, are more correct than incorrect.

And the non-response of both the PDA has made me wonder if the PDA is, indeed, a member of the Veal Pen, as some have claimed. PCCC recently issued a credible electoral threat to Obama, so I can’t reconcile their silence on the CA decertification with their recent demonstration of political aggressiveness. But, I have to hold this against them.

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