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Come Saturday Morning: The Sublime and the Ridiculous

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Trying to decide what to talk about this fine morning, preferably something that hasn’t already been covered here on this website. Should it be Jerry Brown’s advocacy for high-speed rail, which may be a big part of what saves the state and the nation?

Should it be the looming scandal hinted at by the Rick Perry sex ad?

Or should it be the ridiculous “libertarian islands” being planned by a tech billionaire with more money than common sense? (Who gets sued if the structural supports on these tropical Galt’s Gulches fail?)

But then I decided that I’d stick closer to my home state of Minnesota, and talk about this:

Leave it to failed burrito baron Tony Sutton to blame someone else for the $170,000 fine his debt-ridden party was just handed by the Federal Election Commission.

Not that he is. Oh no. Of course not.

In Minnesota Republican Party to pay $170K fine for federal campaign finance violations, Rachel Stassen-Berger reports:

“I could say something here about excessive government regulation but we’re taking our lumps and moving forward,” Sutton said.

Sutton’s got the Minnesota Nice passive-aggressive voice down pat these days. It wasn’t his and Cupcake’s fault the Baja Sol chain shrank until it was yanked away from them by TCB and former party boss Bill Cooper. Nope, that was the business climate. And if he wasn’t the big man that he is, he’d blame the government for this fine stemming from his own violation of the rules.

Stassen-Berger has posted the party’s agreement with the FEC here. Read it.

This is the same guy who’s been constantly attacking local Democrats over money issues. It is to laugh.

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