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The Consistency of Ron Paul

In 2007 The American Arab Institute in Dearborn MI invited all of the presidential candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties to their conference, but only one had the chutzpah to show up. Say what you will about Ron Paul, but the man is consistent. Obama while campaigning in Illinois used the Black and Arab communities as stepping stones to power and dumped both as soon as it was politically convenient.

Obama has deported more Hispanics than any other president in US history, had more Arabs outright murdered (drone attacks) compared to any of his predecessors, and turned his back generally on those who worked their asses off to put him in office. These days you could not pay Obama to show his face in a Black or Arabic neighborhood. I being 25% Black and 50% Arabic find the man to be despicable!

He seems to spend most of his time courting the very people in the so-called “heart land” who voted for the other guy? Question: shouldn’t America’s “heart-land” be where most of the people dwell? Say, major urban areas? Ron Paul by contrast seems to be a man of his word. While at the conference Paul’s reasonable analysis of our bizarre foreign policy in the Middle East illuminated the obvious and exposed the pure evil of empire.

Like most here at FDL I would love to see Ron Paul debate Obama on foreign policy.

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