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9.5% Illinois Unemployment: Obama Squeezes Harder

Nine and a half percent unemployment in my state of Illinois in July, up from 9.1% in June. Do you think an Illinois Democratic Party politician would even comment, mebbe suggest there’s something horribly horribly wrong with a Democratic Party President presiding over and doing nothing about that? I know the Harvard-Columbia-Wall-Street-Beltway native’s officially from Chicago, or the U of Chicago, so we’re spozed to be flunkies, but WTFFF??

And how bad will it have to get before Chicagoan Jesse Jackson starts to criticize Barack Obama? Jesse, if you don’t criticize the new Hoover (not ‘Congress’ or Democratic Party leaders) by name you’re shielding him not criticizing him. In these worst since before the civil-rights era times for African Americans, this worst since before the civil-rights era President for African Americans, this do-nothingest since before the civil-rights era President for African Americans?

Here’s how a former Bush Jr. speechwriter (yup, that’s where we have to go for mainstream quasi-left commentary) describes things:

Last night on the nightly news, heart-breaking pictures of the Atlanta job fair sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus showed long lines of thousands of job seekers standing for hours in the heat, eager for a small chance at landing a paycheck, any paycheck. That video was followed immediately by shots of the president arriving on Martha’s Vineyard for vacation yesterday afternoon. … Pretty much a PR nightmare.

Or am I a racist picking on Obama — ‘who just happens to be black’– even to notice the 9.5? Back to that Bush-era commentator:

When the headline “Breaking News: Obama to Give Jobs Speech in September” crawled across the TV screen as he headed to the Vineyard, I laughed out loud.

The Obama people were testing us when they said wait till September for the jobs plan. And we on the left failed. Now, once again, they openly laugh at us, seeing how deeply they can humiliate and how hard they can squeeze us, and still we don’t react. Are we all SO scared of being labeled racist or “you like Michelle Bachman better” or of getting kicked out of the cool kids club if we demand that this nearly perfectly politically correct President Hoover get off his ass and fight for jobs NOW not in September?

So Barack Obama continues to work for the people who pay him, not us. He won’t even throw us a (purely symbolic) bone till September, that’s how feeble us outsiders are. After the bone throwing it’ll be back to what Barack Obama’s or the Republican President’s employers want: more unemployment, more pain, more austerity.

But why wait on the rebellion, why wait till the squeeze is even harder? And will it ever be so bad that Democratic Party’s supposed left dumps his right-wing ass? Or is that just impossible? He’ll always after all be better than the Republican. Rebellion delayed till there’s a Republican in office, and then the solution, again, will be making an Obama or Clinton President.

And what if this is how the Democratic Party ‘left’ will always deal (bend over backwards pathetically) with a politically correct faced Hoover/Friedman/Hayek/Reagan/Thatcher/Lieberman/Bush? Surely the PR people and handlers can find another and then another of these guys when Obama’s played out.

Barack Obama’s PR people are betting on his September jobs plan going down to defeat and then winning in 2012 by blaming the Republicans. It’s never his fault, the buck stops over there, reverse Harry Truman. The whole four years of the worst unemployment since the Great Depression was never his fault. And hell, he’s better than Michelle Bachman or wtf. WTFFF?

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