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Putting the ass in best asset

Republicans really are Obama’s secret weapon for re-election. Your current flavor of the month (vanilla edition) is Rick Perry. He likes threatening secession while sucking down federal money and pretending he found out Ben Bananke supplied salsa made in New York City. In the alternative he’s a noted skeptic of science, thinking they play politics.

In a way this makes sense from Perry’s point of view. As he got pretty much D’s and C’s in science, meaning the scientists were better at science than he was, which is not surprising. But he also got the same grades in political science, economics and history. So the scientists were better at that too. But hey, he’s a moronic Republican Governor from Texas, so if he somehow malaprops his way into the White House he can use Bush’s old lines about who the President is when he gets surrounded by “egg heads” and their 3.0 and better GPAs.

But he’s definitely always been a Republican who seemed destined for the top:

John Sharp, an A&M classmate and now a former state comptroller and Texas legislator, had something else to say about college-aged Perry.

“When I first saw him, I thought he looked stupid,” Sharp said in a 1989 interview with the Abilene Reporter-News

And that guy is a personal friend.

Oh well, there’s still the “Greater White Hope” that is Chris Christie, who just got his state’s credit rating knocked down another notch because of his tax cuts to AA-.

Which is far too many A-grades to get himself the nomination.

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