Could It Be A Faded Rose From Days Gone By

Take away the shipping and Snowbilly books are cheaper than firewood (click to enlarge):

Not to be outdone by Mama Grizzly, Titshimmy’s book is making a run for the Borders remainders table after only eight weeks:

My favorite part is eyeshop2000 pointing out that their copy is a “1st edition” because that will be important someday on Antique Roadshow 2108 when Bristol’s great-great-grandson, Steel Radial Palin-Winklevoss, is proclaimed Exalted High Mooseking of the Sacred Ratty-Ass Bump-it of Wasilla snowtribe.

The book will be worth at least three bullets and an iodide pill which will be quite valuable in the time of the post-President Bachmann “Shortcut To Rapture” sickness…

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