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Stop the Curse of the Endless Election

President Care Bear talks a lot these days about the debt debacle being a self-inflicted wound. True enough, but he failed to place blame where the worst of it belongs – the American electorate. Congress fired the shot to our collective feet, but voters bought the gun, the bullets, and put the gun in their hands.

We’ve become the Disunited States, a country so inept we can’t find 2 candidates out of 350 million people smart enough to figure out the complicated physics behind the operation a door knob. And, at least part of that inability is our 24 X 7 X permanent campaign schedule.

It’s a long time until late 2012, more that enough time for the typical field of declared or undeclared lunatics and miscreants to say or do stupid sh*t that either boosts or roasts them in the 632 daily polls. Other than the comedic relief the wonkastocrocy so enjoys there’s not much to recommend our way electioneering.

Tonight’s Entrée: Baby Chicks
Do we really need 4-years to decide that most of the candidates would bite the heads off cute baby chicks if they thought it would give them a single polling point? Do we really need 4-years of destructive gum flapping leading to disastrous near economic collapses, budget-busting wars, or chances for each party to foster the impression no one other than the worst sort of goobs belong to their parties?

I think not.

Here’s a novel idea: let’s follow the lead of most of the civilized countries in the world – don’t run until there’s need to run. Campaigns should last a short and reasonable period – perhaps 2 weeks, but no more than a month. Other than that, candidates must shut their pie-holes under threat of a Saudi-style removal of their lips with rusty knives and 50 lashes to help relieve the pain.

Let the deluded stand on stage and preach their brand of hot air. Spare us the insincere “God bless my fellow Americans” drivel. If candidates can’t sum up what they’re about in 2-4 weeks, they aren’t worth electing anyway.

Real Campaign Finance Reform
The only campaign finance reform we need is to cap political organizations, corporations, and the people (inspite of Moose Momma’s and Catcher’s Mitt’s contention that corporations are just people too, “gosh darn it’) at a single donation of no more than $500. If you can’t exercise your free speech rights on that budget, you don’t really have anything important to say. Extra money only allows you to say it more and louder than the great unwashed and that only annoys those of us who can’t afford soap.

Once we choose, we don’t need term limits – or as I like to say the, “Stop Me Before I Vote Again” act. We bought the pig in the poke, so we should live with it and perhaps learn the lesson of voting for imbeciles and not merely imbalanced sociopaths. And recalls? Ditto. They’re only mini-elections designed to allow the electorate a chance to dodge the frightful knowledge that they fell for the snake oil yet again.

My plan is simple and sweet. It even saves oodles of money. No muss, no fuss.

That’s why it doesn’t stand a chance in hell of becoming a reality.

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