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Obama’s Pawlenty problem



Tim Pawlenty ended his campaign within 24 hours of his third place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll but most of us knew his campaign ended at the CNN debate with one word – ‘Obamneycare’. Pawlenty refused to attack Romney’s health care reform, but more importantly, Pawlenty looked weak and afraid. The Iowa voters looked into Pawlenty’s eyes, and they saw a weak compromising moderate Republican that would sell them out. They made a judgement about Pawlenty the man, and he came up short. Regardless of policies, Americans demand that their leaders to lead, not cower in the face of an opponent or allow himself to be blackmailed by Right Wing loons.

It’s the same judgement I made about Obama during health care reform. And every political fight since health care reform has only confirmed my opinion of Obama. From the GWB tax cuts extension to the 2010 budget deal to the debt ceiling blackmail deal, Obama has failed to lead or fight for core Democratic principles. Obama is at best a closet Republican or at worst a weak incompetent moderate Democrat but it really makes no difference, the result is the same – conservative policies. The American people are starting to understand what I saw 2 years ago, Obama believes in nothing, stands for nothing, and fights for nothing but his own political future. Also, the media herd is starting to turn, they openly discuss Obama’s lack or leadership now. Soon the media will remember that their credibility is more important than access to a President that won’t be there in 2 years. By November 2012, the media herd will trample the Obama campaign with questions about leadership, jobs, unemployment, and wars.

I’m sure the Obama team has private polls that suggest compromise and moderation will attract “Independents” in 2012. And with Rick Perry’s emergence, they may be correct. Obama’s best chance for re-election is Republicans nominating an Ultra Right Wing TeaBag nut-job, but Carter thought Reagan was a easy win. If I were Obama, I wouldn’t depend on Republicans self-destructing. And with 9% unemployment, I wouldn’t bet on an enthusiastic Democratic base. I’m sure the Obama campaign will come up with another catchy slogan like:

Audacity of Compromise.

Audacity of Moderation.

Compromise before competence.

I’ll fight for…

Change later.

Hope, Change, and please call your Congressman

Four more years, stay the course.

The economy could be worse.

Labor unions aren’t people.

I’ll put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk over the Democratic base.

It’s the long term debt and deficit stupid!

Just rent.

I’ll cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Unions, screw labor unions – shared sacrifice.

Recovery, morning in America

Buck up Blacks, 16% unemployment is a great trade for a Black President

Free Trade, create jobs over there…

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