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Within the confines  of  our own tacky little novels most see themselves or those of their ilk  as victims.  Serial Killers also see themselves as victims (wronged by a parent or spouse),  but rarely do they empathize  with the ones they sink the knife into.  It has become fashionable these days for us to identify with the Arab Spring and the Egyptian revolution:  but like subjects of the empire rarely do we stop to think about who kept the boot on the necks of the Egyptian people for 30 years.  Mubarak and what Army? Though out history empires have committed unthinkably acts of cruelty on others and at the same time viewed themselves as the victims.  This is a response to Tom B.’s  extremely well written post   ” The Corporate  Right_Soulless  Vampires”:


Generally I agree that the “poor” (literally) saps who sign up as corporate cannon fodder are victims of a system that channels the lower class into the global corporate killing  machine.


Most of the people fighting in the Middle East are not “fighting for freedom”, that’s the cover story:  the poor Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and whites who sign up pretty much all say the same things. They  do it for a steady paycheck:  health care;  educational opportunity;  and to get out of their economically depressed towns and see the world.

The US military is a great welfare program,  all you have to do is kill someone who has far less than you to collect.

“Our troops can’t cause “collateral damage” if they’re not there in the first place.”

I totally agree Tom,  our brave boys can’t kill little brown babies  (for BP and EXXON)  if we keep them at home.


What leaves a sour taste in my mouth is the utter “cowardliness ” of this facade!  We here in the self-proclaimed  “home of the brave”  don’t have the guts to confront the Banksters and their cronies here in this country and demand a “public option” for our labor with a living wage that would force private corporations to compete for our labor (therefore driving up the price).  We were told that Government health care is out of the question! Student loans are funneled through the Banksters.

I once had a man tell me that the general population did not deserve what he considered “free” health care”.  He (my brother-in-law) thought that people should not   “Suckling At The Government Tit” when it came to social safety nets.  When I attempted  to explain that all the services provided by the same government in  domestic welfare programs are  pretty much a watered down version of our military welfare program (without the mass murder) he proclaimed (rather loudly), “well that’s different, they are protecting our freedom!”

Tom B. wrote a heart felt post that touched even my dark cold jaded chest pump.  Tom like many here at FDL seem to have a truck load of compassion and empathy for our fellow American who go into battle with body Armour,  helicopter gunships,  and billions of dollars of high tech equipment designed to end human life against people in the third world. Like the  Serial killer,  we American see ourselves as victims while we put millions to death around the world (3 million in Vietnam, a million plus in Iraq).  The late George Carlin once said about what is called the Vietnam syndrome,  “we left a few women and children alive,  and we haven’t felt good about ourselves since”.


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