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Thumbnail link: Cathy Brennan - Elizabeth Hungerford Letter To The UN Against Gender Identity ProtectionsA vigorous debate was sparked by my recent diary about the anti-trans letter that Cathy Brennan and Elizabeth Hungerford submitted to the United Nations. However neither Brennan nor Hungerford were willing to participate in a meaningful dialog on Pam’s House Blend. Instead they’ve opted to post a response to some of the criticisms their letter has generated at Radfem Hub, a blog with the following rule:

The Radfem Hub has a woman-born-woman and female-identified commenting policy (both!).

This rule prevents men and trans woman — the target of their letter to the UN — from posting a comment. I believe this makes Radfem Hub what is called an echo chamber. It indicates that Brennan and Hungerford believe that they cannot make a convincing argument to those not already in full agreement with their views. It is a capitulation.

* Cathy Brennan & Elizabeth Hungerford take their anti-trans activism to the UN
* No Matter Who Expresses The Sentiments, Antitrans Sentiments Are Antitrans Sentiments

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