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Here’s a rerun of Lisa’s Movie Night Preview post:

The Great Intervention

After decades of laboring and frolicking in the Los Angeles underground, actor/director/musician Steve Moramarco thinks he’s been discovered by a reality television crew. Of course he deserves to have his entire life documented; he’s a creative genius. Only in reality, crew is there to collect evidence for a Life Rehab which Steve’s parents have staged in a desperate attempt he help straighten out their son’s slacker/bohemian/out of control existence.

That’s the premise of The Great Intervention which Moramarco calls a romantic mockumentary. Moramarco wrote outlines for each scene, and the directed the actors as they improvised their lines.

Thirteen months ago Moramarco was our guest on FDL Movie Night’s filmmaker round table joining us the day after he’d completely funded The Great Intervention via Kickstarter. Now The Great Intervention-budgeted at $5,000– has finished shooting and premiers in Los Angeles on September 26 (full disclosure: I gave The Great Intervention‘s fund $23) and Steve joins us again Monday, August 15, to discuss making The Great Intervention, indie filmmaking, and memes.

As one of his many straight jobs, Moramarco, who sings the Abe Lincoln Story a soul/ swing band with a premise, makes wedding videos. And music videos, on of which is featured below.

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