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9:30am 8/15/11 Breaking NOW: FBI Agent Just Revealed that the “Osama bin Laden” Body Had the WRONG Fingerprints

9:30am 8/15/11 Breaking NOW: FBI Agent Just Revealed that the “Osama bin Laden” Body Had the WRONG Fingerprints — by Norman B (“Deviations from the Norm”)


This morning’s guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, author and retired FBI Agent Ronald Kessler, just revealed that the person called “Osama bin Laden” who was Assassinated by Navy Seals did not have Osama bin Laden’s fingerprints, which were on file with the FBI. This may explain why the Navy Seals destroyed the body with a “traditional sea burial.”


President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and many other high ranking Cabinet officials, as well as Intelligence and Military officials, participated in the Conspiracy to Murder the man who lived very near a US-subsidized Military base in Pakistan. After the Murder, the President and others went on to tell the world that the operation had killed bin Laden, despite fingerprint evidence disproving that assertion.


After the President’s announcement, his office and the US Military quickly changed their official version of the story at least five times during the night, finally settling on the most preposterous version of all: That the Navy Seals had destroyed the body via sea burial to be reverent and respectful of the sea burial tradition of bin Laden’s ancestry. The bin Laden family is from Saudi Arabia, and from Yemen before that. Those are desert countries. Sea burial tradition. Preposterous.


By morning, the daughter of a famous Republican diplomat, Mika Brzezinski, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe wondered aloud “Now, it doesn’t take away from what they did, but why didn’t they get their story straight?” Yes, Mika, it does take away from what they did. And if they were telling the truth, they wouldn’t need to tell a story or to get it “straight.” In Virginia and North Carolina (where the Navy Seals are based and trained, and where the TV show was broadcast), telling a story means telling a lie!


The show’s host, disgraced former Florida Republican US Congressman “Joe the Dumb Guy” Scarborough, and others on the show, immediately pushed the propaganda line that everyone on television news and pseudo-news now had to promote: On the Administration’s and the Navy Seals’ latest lie about the illegal Lynching of the so-called “Osama bin Laden,” if you don’t believe this newest lie, then you’re a crazy wack-o conspiracy buff!


Within days, Bill Maher had jumped on the propaganda bandwagon on his show Real Time by attacking conspiracy crazies. Anyone would have to be crazy not to believe lying cowardly Murderers who destroy evidence.


The bin Laden Oil family has long been close with the Bushes. Both families are heavily invested in Oil and related industries, so both families make money anytime the US Military does anything, but especially when those Military moves involve Oil countries or their neighbors. That is because the US Military is the world’s largest buyer of Oil, thus every Military move by the US makes money for all Oil investors. Simple math.


Eight days after 9/11/01, US airspace was declared a No-Fly zone for all civilian aircraft except the Ryan Airlines flight moving bin Laden family members, to make them safe from the American people. Osama bin Laden’s brother Shafiq bin Laden was on that flight. He had spent 9/11 at the Carlyle Group meeting with former US President George H.W. Bush (father of then-Pres. Bush).


Osama bin Laden’s other brother, Salem bin Laden, was an investor in President George W. Bush’s Arbusto Energy, an Oil company that was an early proponent of Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. After giving money to the future President, Salem bin Laden died mysteriously in Texas.


Osama bin Laden waged war as a CIA Asset, to defend Afghanistan against the Soviet Invasion during the Carter Presidency. The US got more than it bargained for: Osama bin Laden turned out to be a brilliant strategist: Armed by the US, bin Laden’s fighters were able to thoroughly impoverish the Soviet Union, which fell soon thereafter.


Then, through the War on Terror/War on Muslims, Osama bin Laden’s strategy thoroughly impoverished the United States with apparently unwitting cooperation from Presidents G.W. Bush and Obama (the man whom GWB’s actions, intentionally or not, helped to install).


Counter-terrorism and Intelligence expert Richard Clarke, the former US diplomat, recently revealed that the CIA contacted the 9/11 hijackers to recruit them before the attack. (See David Dayen’s FDL Roundup for Aug. 11 & links below.) In the days following the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden released videos denying involvement in the attacks, but did say he that Allah was punishing the US. This was the beginning of his television propaganda career.


Apparently still working as an Intelligence Asset, bin Laden then started releasing videos aimed at aiding the electoral hopes of his brother’s business associate. The long-running series’ most famous episode was the “October Surprise” video, released a few days before Election Day 2004 – the day former bin Laden associate G.W. Bush stood for reelection. The video brought a late rush of voters and monetary support to Bush, who won the controversial election.


The next electoral video, calculated to help usher far-Right ideologues into the US House of Representatives, came out four months before the midterm election, wherein the Republicans did take back the House. Bin Laden also put out recordings in 2008. He had a long-running video and audio career, successful in brainwashing Americans. So successful, that when his Lynching was announced, Americans celebrated their loss of rights, and the new outlaw status of their President. They acted as if what they had seen on TV made it OK for the President to sanction Murder. It did not.


After the Murder (on Obama’s orders) of the man whom President Obama called “Osama bin Laden,” the US Senate voted 97-0 to claim that the Murder was Justice. Bernie Sanders didn’t vote that way, but all the Democrats in the Senate so voted, and all of the Republicans except two. Thus, no Senate Democrats can be considered Liberal or Progressive: Liberals/Progressives don’t believe that the President is above the law, or that he’s allowed to order Assassinations of Muslims. No Liberal or Progressive would agree that Murdering a suspect without a trial is “Justice.” Especially when they got the wrong suspect!


Obama’s current Wars and warmongering in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Bahrain are putting massive upward pressure on the Oily portfolios of the Bushes, the bin Ladens, the Cheneys, and Obama’s old friends at BP. These Wars engender spectacular Conflicts of Interest and huge cash windfalls for two Oil billionaires very close to President Obama: Retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates and retiring Mideast Peace Envoy George Mitchell. They made the Wars worse, and made money off the fact that they made the Wars worse. President Obama was both irresponsible and reckless to appoint those two foxes to be in charge of the hen house that held our fragile chances for peace. Irresponsible, reckless, and dishonest.


A couple of weeks after the Murder of the man whom the President called “bin Laden,” on ABC’s This Week, reporting the Murder of another Muslim ordered by Pres. Obama, Christiane Amanpour  proudly, propagandistically proclaimed “Justice has been done again!” Our Journalists and our political “leaders” lie prolifically to help Oily War Profiteers and international criminals.

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