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Sunday Late Night: Scary Stuff about Rick Perry

Rick Perry, the college years

Hasn’t America suffered enough under ambitious Texas governors who were cheerleaders and (probably) dressed up in jackboots? Didn’t this country pay our dues under the yoke of pretend cowboys who like executing people?

Wasn’t Karla Faye Tucker shame enough for America in one lifetime?

Apparently not.

Perry has flaws, huge flaws. Not the least of which is that he presided over the execution of one of his constituents, Cameron Todd Willingham, who was probably innocent. But I’m not sure that’s a liability in today’s Tea Party–obsessed GOP. There’s a legend in Lone Star politics that one of Perry’s Republican rivals in Texas tested the Willingham issue in a focus group. One Republican man, the story goes, squinted and said, “Well, I like that. Takes a lot of balls to execute an innocent man.” At that moment, folks say, Perry’s rival knew opposing him was fruitless.

Takes a lot of balls to execute an innocent man.

Will that fit on a bumper sticker? Because it expresses a whole helluva lot more than “weird.”

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge