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Any Last Word, Lawrence? On Tim Pawlenty?

I can’t wait to see what Larry “I wrote laws, MFer! With Pat Moynihan!” O’Donnell has to say about his GOP man-crush Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the presidential race. Perhaps he’ll not report it at all, and act as if the T-Paw juggernaut in his head continues on apace? Or — maybe he’ll have an hour-long In Memoriam segment for the brilliant but tragically misunderestimated Pawlenty “movement”?

Or will Lawrence go negative, attacking Miss Submissive Corndog for ruining T-Paw’s Iowa debate with her Minnesota Not-Nice?

Your audience awaits, Lawrence. Oh — and the GOP field is simply shivering with anticipation to hear which competitor you’ll pick as your next ‘winner.’

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge