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“Corporations are people,” through the ages.

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So I imagine by now, most folks have heard that Willard proclaimed at the Iowa State Fair that corporations are people. In light of this (and SCOTUS rulings on corporate personhood), I and some other folks on an email thread started identifying various political movements, documents, songs, and other bits of popular culture that need to be revised to reflect this equivalency. I have gleefully and willfully stolen most all of the following from these friends.

Let my corporations go! — Moses (or maybe it was Charlton Heston)

Government of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations — Abe Lincoln

Little corporations say the darndest things! — Art Linkletter

We the corporations, in order to form a more perfect union . . . Constitution Preamble

Corporations. Corporations who need corporations, are the luckiest corporations . . . Barbra Streisand

Ordinary Corporations — movie about a merger breaking up

Guns don’t kill corporations; corporations do. — See NRA and Bain Capital

Romney’s Corporations — John le Carre spy thriller

Corporation’s Republic of China — Mao

“Mitt Romney, he’s good corporations.” — KagroX tweet

Up With Corporations! — Subject of Firedoglake Movie Night this past Monday

Corporations get ready, there’s a train a’comin’…” — Curtis Mayfield

Power to the corporations — John Lennon

Corporations are corporations, so why should it be, that you I should get along so awfully? – Depeche Mode

He was a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple corporation-eater, sure looked strange to me. – Sheb Wooley

Short corporations ain’t got no reason to live. – Randy Newman

Listen… to what the flower corporations say. – Spinal Tap (60s edition)

Soylent Green is Corporations! — Paul Krugman

Come on corporations now, smile on your brother — Youngbloods

Short Corporation got no reason, Short Corporation got no reason, Short Corporation got no reason – to live — Randy Newman

You can fool some of the corporations all of the time, and all of the corporations some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the corporations all of the time. — Abe Lincoln

Corporations are strange, when you’re a stranger — The Doors

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