Corndog Libel!

For reasons I won’t even try to fathom, conservative columnist/fluffer Toby Harnden thought this was an awesome picture of Congresslady Crazypants:

Michele Bachmann tries out a local delicacy at the Iowa State Fair – a foot-long corn dog. Photo: Toby Harnden

Needless to say, any non-conservative website that reuses this picture will be accused of hating on strong conservative women and blood libel and shit like that.

Makes me want to break out that old picture of Margaret Thatcher flashing her tits while she was on spring break in ’79…


Must be a Minnesota conservative thing:

(Disclaimer: This post has moved into “rhetorical territory that is specifically vicious, graphically unforgiving, and totally out of bounds for what the rhetorical endeavor of FDL and the Progressive movement is about”. On the hand… blowjob humor!)

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....