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Cameron sets the example for London!

“I must remind you that starving a child is violence. Suppressing a culture is violence. Neglecting school children is violence. Punishing a mother and her family is violence. Discrimination against a working man is violence. Ghetto housing is violence. Ignoring medical need is violence. Contempt for poverty is violence.” — Coretta Scott King

Remember those words.  These words should be repeated every time there is another Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Israel, and of course the UK.

Two back to back posts by Dumas about London and the insanity that is Cameron and the government there remind me of these words.

So they are “scum”?  They are looters?  Criminals?  Anti-social youth?  Well I wonder where they learned it from?

Maybe from Cameron and the rich (An Open Letter to David Cameron’s Parents –

Dear Mr & Mrs Cameron,

Why did you never take the time to teach your child basic morality?

As a young man, he was in a gang that regularly smashed up private property. We know that you were absent parents who left your child to be brought up by a school rather than taking responsibility for his behaviour yourselves. The fact that he became a delinquent with no sense of respect for the property of others can only reflect that fact that you are terrible, lazy human beings who failed even in teaching your children the difference between right and wrong.

Now we all know these are all just lies by the “liberal” media.  Mr. Cameron would never, ever, contemplate, much less do, these things, right?  Well of course they are.  Heck the link is to another “liberal” media source, the Financial Times –  Yup, those commie tree-huggers going after Cameron, aren’t they?  Can I get a “Damn those pinko-commie lies!”  Amen.

Even worse, your neglect led him to fall in with a bad crowd. He became best friends with a young man who set fire to buildings for fun.

More lies I tell you. Lib Dem’s Nick Clegg tells of prickly past –

The Liberal Democrat leadership hopeful, Nick Clegg, admitted he served a community sentence when he was 16.

Oh well, that’s just harmless fun.  Nothing like what those looters and thieves, aka “scum” did.

The home affairs spokesman was punished for destroying part of Germany’s most precious botanical collections in a “drunken prank”.

He had to spend weeks digging gardens in a Munich suburb and faced being expelled from Westminster School. The incident occurred when Mr Clegg, now 40, was on an exchange trip in Munich.

The Sheffield Hallam MP had claimed, when asked whether he had ever taken illegal drugs, that politicians had a right to a “past private life”.

See just harmless fun.  Oh so he stepped on a few plants, big deal.

He said he and a friend became drunk and found they had two boxes of matches, in a greenhouse full of exotic plants.

They began lighting various plants, watching their tiny hairs burst into flame. They ended up burning two greenhouses of cacti.

Mr Clegg said: “I think we all have blemishes in our past.”

That’s right, it’s in the past.  Youthful indiscretions.  I mean who hasn’t set fire to plants in their youth?  And two greenhouses?  Well, it’s cacti, and who cares about plants?  But those “other people”, you know those dirty poor, well as many have tweeted, they “deserve” to be shot, with real bullets.  It’s not the “past” for them.  It’s the present, so shoot them.  I say we give police carte blanche to shoot anyone as they see fit.  Oh wait, they already did …

Releasing the initial findings of ballistics tests, the police watchdog said a CO19 firearms officer fired two bullets, and that a bullet that lodged in a police radio was “consistent with being fired from a police gun”.

One theory, not confirmed by the IPCC, is that the bullet became lodged in the radio from a ricochet or after passing through Duggan.

Duggan, 29, was killed last Thursday in Tottenham, north London, after armed officers stopped the minicab in which he was travelling.

The IPCC said Duggan was carrying a loaded gun, but it had no evidence that the weapon had been fired. It said tests were continuing.

Tests were continuing.  See.  That’s how you maintain order.  If they carry a gun, or not, the police can shoot you.  Check out the many tweets and blog postings on the internet, many people think he “deserved” to be shot, even if he did not fire first.  Criminals are criminals.  Summary execution is all they “deserve”.

Back to the original ,

There’s Michael Gove, whose wet-lipped rage was palpable on Newsnight last night. This is the Michael Gove who confused one of his houses with another of his houses in order to avail himself of £7,000 of the taxpayers’ money to which he was not entitled (or £13,000, depending on which house you think was which).

Obviously an honest mistake.  It’s not something that the “little people” can understand.  If you own more than one house, these things happen.  Most of the “little people” don’t own even one house, so they wouldn’t understand.  An honest 7000 pounds mistake.

Or Hazel Blears, who was interviewed in full bristling peahen mode for almost all of last night. She once forgot which house she lived in, and benefited to the tune of £18,000. At the time she said it would take her reputation years to recover. Unfortunately not.

See, honest mistake. An honest 18000 pounds mistake.

But, of course, this is different. This is just understandable confusion over the rules of how many houses you are meant to have as an MP. This doesn’t show the naked greed of people stealing plasma tellies.

Unless you’re Gerald Kaufman, who broke parliamentary rules to get £8,000 worth of 40-inch, flat screen, Bang and Olufsen TV out of the taxpayer.

Once again, he didn’t steal just one TV, that’s looting.  These are a few TVs.  By one person.  Honest mistake.  An honest 8000 pounds mistake.

Or Ed Vaizey, who got £2,000 in antique furniture ‘delivered to the wrong address’. Which is fortunate, because had that been the address they were intended for, that would have been fraud.

So, NOT FRAUD.  That’s the take-home message here.

Or Jeremy Hunt, who broke the rules to the tune of almost £20,000 on one property and £2,000 on another. But it’s all right, because he agreed to pay half of the money back. Not the full amount, it would be absurd to expect him to pay back the entire sum that he took and to which he was not entitled. No, we’ll settle for half. And, as in any other field, what might have been considered embezzlement of £22,000 is overlooked. We know, after all, that David Cameron likes to give people second chances.

Exactly, expecting him to pay back the whole amount is ridiculous.  Once again, it’s something the “little people” do not understand.  And really, don’t try to understand it, just accept.  Don’t burden your little brains.  And also note how compassionate and charitable Cameron is.  So obviously he must have tried to work with the looters.  But that “scum” are criminals.  There’s no reasoning or talking with them.  All they understand is violence.  Thus they “deserve” real bullets.  It’s all they understand.

Fortunately, we have the Met Police to look after us. We’ll ignore the fact that two of its senior officers have had to resign in the last six weeks amid suspicions of widespread corruption within the force.

We’ll ignore Andy Hayman, who went for champagne dinners with those he was meant to be investigating, and then joined the company on leaving the Met.

Which as we all know is how the free market works.  And thank Dawg for that.

Of course, Mr and Mrs Cameron, your son is right. There are parts of society that are not just broken, they are sick. Riddled with disease from top to bottom.

Obviously referring to the “scum”.

What I am doing, however, is expressing shock and dismay that your son and his friends feel themselves in any way to be guardians of morality in this country.

No idea where he got this from.  Once more, something the “little people” can not, and should not even try, to understand.

Can they really, as 650 people who have shown themselves to be venal pygmies, moral dwarves at every opportunity over the last 20 years, bleat at others about ‘criminality’. Those who decided that when they broke the rules (the rules they themselves set) they, on the whole wouldn’t face the consequences of their actions?

Are they really surprised that this country’s culture is swamped in greed, in the acquisition of material things, in a lust for consumer goods of the most base kind? Really?

The “little people” will never understand.  It’s above them.  They should just accept the judgement of their betters.

Let’s have a think back: cash-for-questions; Bernie Ecclestone; cash-for-access; Mandelson’s mortgage; the Hinduja passports; Blunkett’s alleged insider trading (and, by the way, when someone has had to resign in disgrace twice can we stop having them on television as a commentator, please?); the meetings on the yachts of oligarchs; the drafting of the Digital Economy Act with Lucian Grange; Byers’, Hewitt’s & Hoon’s desperation to prostitute themselves and their positions; the fact that Andrew Lansley (in charge of NHS reforms) has a wife who gives lobbying advice to the very companies hoping to benefit from the NHS reforms. And that list didn’t even take me very long to think of.

Our politicians are for sale and they do not care who knows it.

Oh yes, and then there’s the expenses thing. Widescale abuse of the very systems they designed, almost all of them grasping what they could while they remained MPs, to build their nest egg for the future at the public’s expense. They even now whine on Twitter about having their expenses claims for getting back to Parliament while much of the country is on fire subject to any examination. True public servants.

You can follow the links in the original article on your own.  This is why the “little people” will never understand the free market.  Why they should let their betters think about these things.  All the above is perfectly normal in the free market.  And only communists and socialists would disagree.  Of course they are for sale.  Everyone is.  That’s how the free market works.

Ah the quaint “little people”.  What would they do without their betters?  Who would run the country and the economy?  Why can’t the “little people” just accept their place?  And they should be careful.  Because if they continue with this resistance, which is futile, then at some point the compassionate and generous betters will go run another economy.  Remember folks, the “little people” need their betters, but the betters don’t need them.  It’s only out of compassion, as one would have for a dog, that the “betters” even put up with this.

Here’s hoping order prevails and Cameron controls the “little people”.  He is just too kind.  Put a few shots in them.  Animal “scum” “deserve” no better.


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