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World Ignores S&P, Upgrades U.S. to AAAA

S&P has succeeded where all have failed – their clowngrade has united the left and right wings of the economic dodo – still can’t fly, but at least the wings are on the same, stuffed critter.  Warren Buffet, Robert Reich and Steve Forbes all agree that S&P is like criminally insane. S&P also clowngraded Berkshire Hathaway, which owns a significant share of Moody’s. Touchy, touchy!

How can I pin this on our fearless leader?  Lessee, now… he wanted to look forward, not back… no indictments for the Bush Leaguers, the banksters, the military contractors, or S&P. If those bastards were doing hard time now, they couldn’t clowngrade anything.  Barack has only himself to blame. He’s so out to lunch, he may as well join the tea party.

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