Me And Gawd Are Watching Timmy Grow


Your daily Timmy Tebow  Report Card:

Tebow still has flaws in his footwork and his throwing mechanics and decision-making which render many of his passes wildly incomplete and arm his critics with fresh material.

In the face of tough times and constant criticism, Tebow said he’s keeping his head up. He used the word “fun” 11 times in a 5½-minute chat with reporters coming off the field Wednesday.

“Am I having fun? I am having fun,” he said. “I enjoy playing this game.”


On the brighter side, he’s figured out how to put his helmet on face-mask forward  and he’s having a good time playing outside instead of spending all day in front of the teevee playing video games. Bless his heart.

This would also be a good post to debate the existence of God (capital G, bitchez!) in the comments and why He sporadically favors some sports team over others with the possible exception of Notre Dame football which has obviously done something to fall into disfavor with Him because they have been in His Holy Doghouse for years.

Personally, I think He hates that fucking Rudy movie…

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