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E.A.T.S…………that’s the acronym…………or the “tell”, if you will.

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.”

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

George Orwell

The E.A.T.S Act, or Expediting Agriculture Through Science Act. H.R. 2031, is a House bill largely written by biotechnology advocates (read paid shills). It seems Monsanto isn’t making enough money presently. Monsanto wants to place more vegetables (read genetically modified organisms) in your grocery store. H.R 2031 is designed  to expedite Monsanto’s ability to do that. If you wish, you can read a one page draft of the bill here.

From GMO Journal, August 4th, Deniza Gertsburg tells us :

The U.S. House Committee on Agriculture decided that August 4 was high time to “review the causes and consequences of government over-regulation of agriculture biotechnology.” As this hearing starts today with an openly pro-industry agenda, it is not difficult to anticipate the tenor of the debate.

Another measure aimed at attacking the current set of biotech regulations, which, ironically, the industry helped to write, has been the introduction earlier this year of the “Expediting Agriculture Through Science Act” or EATS (H.R. 2031), by Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN) and co-sponsored by Larry Bucshon (R-IN) and Steven Palazzo (R-MS).  The bill is designed to amend the Plant Protection Act “to expedite the process for approval of certain biotechnology products, and for other purposes.” The bill, if passed, would put the USDA on a tight timeline for analysis of deregulation petitions and failure to make a determination 240 days after the USDA received such a petition would deem the petition approved. Currently, the EATS bill has been referred to the House Agricultural Committee headed by Frank Lucas.

As in my last Monsanto/GMO post in this series, I am suspicious that the motivation behind this activity is an attempt by Monsanto to further “whitewash”  the safety concerns coming to light with genetically modified foods so as to facilitate the opening of Eurozone markets to their products. As in “look we’re feeding this poisonous, pathogen infested shit food to our own citizens”. Other related posts in this series discussing Monsanto lobbying and State Department corrupt activity, as well as the original post regarding the decision by the Obama administration to plant GMO’s on over 50 of our midwest wildlife refuges can be found here, and here.

And from Ariel Schwartz at Fast Company we get the news that :

There is genetically modified produce in a lot of the processed food you eat, but this is the first time that Monsanto is taking fresh GM produce from the ground straight to your mouth. If it works out, there will be plenty more.

Monsanto, which already controls 60% of the U.S. corn market, is including traits in the new sweet corn that make it resistant to both Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide and to insects (through the inclusion of Bt toxin, a trait that disrupts insect digestive systems and eventually kills them). As we have mentioned before, at least 21 weed species have become resistant to Roundup. And Bt toxin may have negative health effects–a recent study found the toxin in the maternal and fetal blood of pregnant women, though the implications of that aren’t known quite yet.

“There’s a concern with these GE crops that we eat with minimal processing [like sweet corn]…we’re exposed to a lot more of whatever is in it versus a processed corn product,” says Freese. This may be one of the rare cases where processed food is better for you than fresh food.

If you are not all the way up to speed on this topic and would like to read more about the “problems” referenced in the above two paragraphs of Ariel’s article, you can read about it in prior posts from this series here, here, here, and here.

In the last sentence of the first paragraph when Ariel  says “If it works out, there will be plenty more.” I think she means that if hundreds of thousands of us just don’t immediately keel over dead, and instead simply begin to die slowly (giving Monsanto enough room for their in house scientists, physicians, PR hacks, and attorneys to cloud the situation with obfuscation and the construction of a case of plausible deniability) soon all of our “food” will irreversibly forever be genetically modified organisms. And in the last sentence of the third paragraph of Ariel’s article cited here where she says “This may be one of the rare cases where processed food is better for you than fresh food”. The key word (language is important) is “food” which genetically modified organisms certainly are not.

Admiral Josh Painter :” This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we’ll be lucky to live through it”, (Fred Thompson’s character in “The Hunt for Red October”).

Just when you thought all you had to worry about was starving to death because of global economic Armaggeddon, Monsanto makes it interesting.

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Robert Alexander Dumas

Robert Alexander Dumas