Over a quarter of a million Israelis have now taken to the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and other Israeli cities to demand that their rapacious, corporatist government do something about the rising prices of food, fuel, and housing that is forcing ordinary Israelis to the brink of homelessness. Again, thank you, Trotskyites, although I still think Trotsky’s idea of  “permanent revolution” is a contradiction in terms:


But you’ve got a great news service!

Apparently,  ordinary Israelis have had it up to here with their public assets being looted by wealthy business interests as well,  and they are also sick of the state of permanent war against their neighbors. Maybe they figure if the Tunisians and Egyptians can do it, then they’ll be schmucks if they don’t. Or maybe they’re just plain pissed off.

It doesn’t matter.  Good for them!

And has anyone else noticed the American corporate media is not reporting on this at all?


Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian