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Saturday, Aug 6, 2011, I attended The Response–Gov. Rick Perry’s call to prayer for a nation in crisis.  As I expected, the response of the people to this gathering was far larger, four times than than the numbers that most local and national newspapers were predicting which was no more than 8,000 people. Between 30,000 and 33,000 people attended the event.  In addition the event was streamed live to 1,000 churches all over the nation.  Thus the number of Americans who watched the event live yesterday was most likely over 100,000 people.

Perhaps as many as 100 protesters marched outside the fence surrounding Reliant Stadium.

There was not one hawker selling T-Shirts or souvenirs. Signs, flags, soliciting/promotional material, noise makers/instruments, coolers, tobacco, illegal substances, weapons and pets were banned.  The only people who made money from the event was Reliant Stadium who charged $15 a person for parking.

Many of the people participating in the leadership of this event are members of  The New Apostolic Movement from the International House of Prayer which is headquartered in Kansas.

James and Shirley Dobson were honorary co-chairs of the event along with Richard Land, Director of Southern Baptist’s Conventions Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission; Penny Nance of Concerned Women of America; Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council; Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President National Hispanic Christian leadership Conference/Hispanic Evangelical Association.


Rev. Donald E. Wildmon is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of American Family Association and American Family Radio. AFA is a pro-family advocacy organization with over two million online supporters and approximately 170,000 subscribers to its monthly flagship publication the AFA Journal.

Dave Sliker, National Student Mobilization leader at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City was there.  He is on the board of TheCall with Lou Engle and is the director of the Elijah Revolution, at national conference and equipping ministry for teenagers.

Rev. Buddy Smith is currently the Executive Vice President of American Family Association and American Family Radio. American Family Radio has nearly 200 radio stations nationwide that “serve to strengthen the moral foundations of American culture.” Buddy Smith has been with AFA for 18 years and has been an ordained minister for 38 years.

David Lane educates and energizes pastors to mobilize their congregations to vote their faith. In 2010 he organized pastor meetings in key battleground states resulting in a significant increase in voter turnout. He often says, “What I do is spiritual. The by-product is political.”


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I was struck by the number of Hispanics and Black people.  The event also featured many black and Hispanic people on the stage leading various of the prayer segments.  Perry spoke for about 12 minutes at the event.  In his presentation, Perry even asked that the crowd pray for the President and his family.  His message is not a mean-spirited message.  He reminds me a lot of Reagan, but without the hateful jokes about welfare Queens.  Whether you like him or not, the inarguable fact is that he has a very positive presence and message of hope that people are longing to hear.

Perry has taken a huge step, not only in the direction of the Republican nomination, but in the direction of the White House.  Governor Rick Perry could be our next president.  Yes, rallying 100,000 people may be dismissed by some, just as they dismissed this prayer rally.  However, of these 100,000+ people who did participate in this event–remotely in their churches as well at at Reliant Stadium– at least 200 are leaders who are collectively capable of gathering millions.  One of the most basic requirements for any battle is to never underestimate your enemy.  I see many people, and politicians in particular, dismissing Rick Perry.

Yesterday, Rick Perry looked as good and eloquent and likable as Barack Obama ever did in 2008.  He cleans up very well.  He does not come across as an unpolished hick.   A friend of mine who is convinced that all presidents are nothing more than empty suits for the puppeteers who run the show had this to say:  ”Yes, in 2008 we had our token black president to ‘prove’ to people that democracy is alive and we have Chris Matthews on MSNBC [GE’s mouthpiece] pointing out to us at least 20 times a day for the past month that Obama is ‘proof’ of American Exceptionalism.  Perhaps in 2012 we will have Rick Perry offered up to the American people as ‘proof’ that, unlike the last four Presidents, you don’t have to graduate from Harvard or Yale to be President.  You can graduate from Texas A&M with C’s and D’s.  Perhaps 2012 will be the year for the ‘common man’ president.”

Would I vote for Perry?  Hell no, but I may be the exception to the majority.  When I was out on the second floor balcony overlooking the parking lot, a woman came out and started chatting:  “I’m glad that we have a Christian for Governor.”

I didn’t engage her, but I am wishing that instead of saying nothing that I had asked her :  “What makes you think that he is a Christian?  Just because he stands up in front of a crowd and acts like he is for 12 minutes?  Did you know that in the last five years Rick Perry has tithed less than $200 dollars?  How do you know that you can trust him just because of what he says? As far as I”m concerned, Perry is a thief.  Have you ever heard of  the Texas Enterprise Fund?  Perry took over $600 million from the Texas Unemployment fund and gave it to large corporations like Bank of America to create jobs here in Texas.  They took the money–tax money of the people–but they have yet to keep the terms of their contracts for job creation.  Where is the Christianity in that?  Perry is no steward of God’s earth.  He appointed a special committee to see that Harold Simmons, a Dallas billionaire, got a 15 year license to use West Texas land near and Aquifer for dumping radioactive waste.  In 15 years, the land reverts back to the people of Texas.  Thus our children get to babysit Harold Simmons nuclear dump for generations and these are the same hypocrites who say that they are worried about future generations?  These are Christians?  Not according to me, sister.”

Here is the opening part of Perry’s presentation. Other segments of it will follow later this morning.  These are all citizen videos taken by iflizwerequeen.  If you would like more professional videos, they will soon be posted at until the end of August.

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry