In Sunday’s FDL Members’ Virtual  Town Hall on third party election strategies with guests Josh Koster, Daniel Ellsberg and Michael Moore–the director four of the top ten box-office documentaries of all time–gave his suggestion for a third party candidate, actor Matt Damon:

I think that [Matt Damon] has been very courageous in not caring about who he offends by saying the things that need to be said here, and if you want to win, the Republicans have certainly shown the way — that when you run someone who is popular, you win.  Sometimes even when you run an actor, you win.  And I guess I only throw his name out there because I’d like us to start thinking that way.

Matt Damon is outspoken when it comes to politics and social change, and has expressed dissatisfaction with how Obama is running the country. The actor, who won an Academy Award for co-writing Good Will Hunting with co-star Ben Affleck narrated the documentary Inside Job an expose about the banking industry, and in his most recent theatrical release, The Adjustment Bureau played a New York Congressman running for the United states Senate. A humanitarian activist who founded H2O Africa, Damon is on the board of the ONE Foundation and Not On Our Watch which works to end genocide and related atrocities. He is also active in U.S. charities which focus on ending hunger, and last months marched in Washington D.C. supporting  Save Our Schools, a grassroots organization of teachers and parents striving for improved public education where he delivered a speech, introduced by his teacher mom.

FDL Members Town Hall participants along with Ellsberg and  Moore expressed dissatisfaction with the current Democratic leadership. Moore says he thinks both the Democrats and the Republicans are weak right now, and that

a group of people, if we had some real national leadership, and a real commitment to grassroots organizing, to form a new Democratic Party…Listen I throw these ideas out there, because I recognize the country I live in.  Living in Michigan now, the main topic of conversation this week was the last episode of the Bachelorette, and why did Ashley pick J.P. over Ben.  That’s the country I live in, and they all vote.  And I’d like to communicate with them.  I know that they’re upset.  And I know they don’t like these wars and they’re desperate for jobs.  Living in Michigan, we’re living in a depression right now.  There really couldn’t be a better time to organize, to run a viable candidate.  And to really say the Democratic party has not served us well, so we’re going to Democrats 2.0. We’re bringing it into the 21st century, we’re going to be called the New Democrats, or the Roosevelts, or the whatever you come up with, and we’re going to run people who are going to win.

FDL Members’ Town Hall has two webinars upcoming in September, one on instant runoff voting and other systemic changes to make third parties viable in the US, and the other by Adam Kanzer of the Domini Group on the way they are  challenging Citizens United in Montana.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

Los Angeles native, attended UC Berkeley and Loyola Marymount University before punk rock and logophilia overtook her life. Worked as nightclub columnist, pop culture journalist and was a Hollywood housewife before writing for and editing Sacred History Magazine. Then she discovered the thrill of politics. She also appears frequently on the Dave Fanning Show, one of Ireland's most popular radio broadcasts.