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In various places on the Internet, I’ve read “clever” sarcastic responses to The Response–a prayer event held the weekend of August 6 in Houston Texas.  Although it was predicted that fewer than 8,000 would show up at this event, that didn’t happen.  Instead, between 30,000 and 33,000 thousand showed up and the event was live-streamed to 1,000 churches.  The truth, like it or not, is that over 100,000 people watched that event live.  The truth is that, like it or not, Rick Perry will announce his candidacy for the highest office in the land within the week–most likely next Saturday in South Carolina.

Jokes have been made by people who did not attend the meeting regarding what Perry might have prayed for.  While these posts may be entertaining, they certainly are not helpful in making preparations to deal with what I regard as a serious threat to the majority of the people of our nation.  Perry is no joke. I’ve been saying this for months.  Many people have falsely compared him to Sarah Palin.

He is a crafty politician. Unlike Palin, he did not desert governorship before his first term was up. Perry has served over 10 years now as governor of Texas. He has won two elections. In the 2010 Republican Primary for Governor of Texas, he out “Tea-Partied” Medina, the official Tea Party candidate. He “out-Republicaned” Kay Bailey Hutchison, a long-serving traditional Republicans.  Those who think that he cannot “out-Obama” Obama may be proven wrong.

Like it or not  the growing number of Christians who support his rhetoric are to be considered as very serious contenders. The Christians who are falling in goose-step behind Perry are church leaders of huge groups. These people such as the International House of Prayer in Kansas City  and other members of the New Apostolic Movement have a proven history of delivering 100,000 people to 12 hour prayer rallies. They are very sophisticated and have huge databases that will be at Perry’s disposal to get out the vote. And as a person who actually attended the event, I was surprised that the representation of Hispanics and Blacks at the event–both as members of the audience as well as participating on stage.  This is no “angry white people” movement.

The truth, like it or not, and the facts are that Rick Perry Prayed a very smooth and sophisticated prayer. The fact is that he looked as “presidential” as Obama ever did during 2008. Those who didn’t attend should read the transcript of Perry’s prayer. I was there and heard it myself.There was nothing in his prayer that would have offended anyone. In fact, Perry even said “let us pray for the president and his family.” He did not pound anyone. Perry was even slicker than Reagan who, like many liberals, sometimes tended to sarcasm–a dishonest way to communicate with others.

Perry had none of that. He also showed something that most politicians have been very short of for the past 10 years–humility. [Real or not, that was his presentation and speaking as one who was there, it was effective. If I didn’t already know so much about Perry and what he has done, I would have thought as many did: Perry could be the answer. He is a humble man of God.]

Perry will announce his candidacy next week and I predict that he will be the Republican nominee AND if those who oppose him continue to brush him off, he stands a very good chance of being the next president.  Here is a link to the full transcript of Perry’s Prayer. It is no joke, believe me. And if you are still among those who think that Americans are too “smart” to vote for Perry, remember 2004.

I read in HuffPost today and on NPR that they are making fun of Perry because he made C’s and D’s–again while this may be entertaining for intellectual liberals, the fact is that many, if not the majority, of Americans are fed up with Ivy league college graduates. They are likely to say: WE’ve had ivy league graduates in the White House for the past 20 years and look at the mess they have ALL made of things.  I think we all realize that intelligence is about a lot more than getting good grades in school.  Writers from HuffPost and NPR should know better than to point out report cards as an indicator of intelligence.  We have examples all down from history of very brilliant people flunking out of school. [I’m not suggesting that Perry is among those, however, his report card is no proof of the man’s intelligence or of his ability to win a presidential race.  Real life is about a lot more than your report card in school.


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So, what can we do besides smirk, scold the smirkers or stick our heads in the sand?

We can tell the truth, facts about Perry.  We can talk with our friends who are Christians who may be fooled, as we were by Obama, regarding what the man actually stands for.  I have already done this with one Christian friend of mine.  Just today I told her that I thought that Perry is a fake because of his tithing record which is of course, part of his financial record as a politician.  The facts are that he has been a very sporadic contributor and certainly not the 10% tither of a faithful. Many years did not give a centIs Governor Perry Big Hat Small Tithe?

Perry has a long record of selling out the people to Texas to the rich and to corporate interests. This is the story, the truth, the facts, that are our only weapons against his campaign.

Take a look at the truth of his Texas Enterprise Fund, for example.  Reports says that Texas Enterprise Fund is not Creating Jobs as Promised. Take a look at Perry’s relationship with Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons and other billionaires/millionaires.

But if those who, like some writers at HuffPost and NPR, think that they are going to sway people who might otherwise vote for Perry by telling them that he graduated from Texas A&M with C’s and D’s are idiots in their own right despite their IQ points.  They are wasting air space with their useless argument. If anything, such news might even endear many people to Rick Perry.  There are hundreds of studies to prove the point that there is not a lot of correlation between the grades one earns  and their intelligence.  A report card is weak evidence indeed.  Someone should tell that to Obama and his team, the HuffPost and NPR.

And we can find a better candidate than Barack Obama to run for the office of President.

I don’t want to “scare” people into voting for Barack Obama.  I consider him as bad as Perry.

If I were wanting to “scare” progressives, liberals and independents into anything, it is to find a candidate now to run for president.  We have no one but ourselves to blame if we wake up in November 2012 and find that we have only evil and the lessor of two evils (i.e. evil) to choose from.


Liz Berry

Liz Berry