In a close 2012 election it could very well be that Georgia is the large state that puts Obama over the top. Gallup is out with a new chart showing President Obama’s approve by state during the first six months of the year.

Barack Obama Approval Ratings, by State, January-June 2011

The most interesting outlier compared to the last election is Georgia. It is the only state Obama lost in 2008 but has had a net positive job approval rating during this year.

Surprisingly, Obama’s job approval numbers in Georgia have been higher than in 10 of the states he actually carried in 2008. In addition a PPP poll from April also found the President doing relatively well in possible head to head match ups.

With 16 electoral college votes, a relatively young population and over 30 percent of the state being African-American, it isn’t surprising that the Obama campaign has been looking into the possibility of contesting the state.

While it is still early in the cycle, if Obama’s poll numbers manage to hold up in the state, Georgia could be worth keeping an eye on.


Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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