The Taliban claim credit for shooting down a US Chinook helicopter killing 30 US troops: most were Navy Seals (some from Seal Team Six that presumably executed Osama bin Laden). It would seem that the Seals were on yet another “hunt and kill” mission following up on a “tip” seeking out Taliban leaders to “double -tap” (two to the head).
It  looks like the “tip” might have come from the Taliban.

Reports indicate that the helicopter was  shot down with what may have been an  old left over “Stinger” (shoulder launched) anti-air craft weapon the CIA gave to the Taliban to kill Russian troops.  Will the “blow back” ever stop!


“The fear is that that insurgent access to sophisticated antiaircraft weapons risks a recast version of what’s been dubbed Charlie Wilson’s War, when U.S.-supplied Stinger missiles rendered the Soviet air force ineffective. In the current conflict, NATO relies on its superior air force to counter insurgents’ use of their native terrain and control over parts of the population.”


Unlike most here even at FDL, I question the uses of such “hunt and kill” teams.  At first we were told that Assassination Teams were only going to be turned loose on  Al Qaeda;  but they were also used liberally in Iraq.  Now the Taliban are fair game for murder without a trial?  Mike Huckabee even suggested sending them after Julian Assange.  Such is the War on Terror: anyone we can affix the “T” word to has about as much of a chance of getting a fair trial as a Black man 50 years ago in the deep south accused of raping a White woman.



Wilson's War