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From Here To Eternity:
U.S. Nuclear Policy From Hiroshima & Nagasaki Through Today
Professor Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, Director of Cold War Studies,
University of Southern CA. at Berkley

 Discussing his book “Racing the Enemy”, Professor Hasegawa argues

that there wasn’t any moral or political imperative to drop nuclear bombs
on Japan which was already willing to surrender and why we did. The
issue with Japan had to do with Japanese resistance to U.S. insistence
that Japan abolish their imperial system.  The bombing schedule was
also moved up to prevent the entry of the Soviet Union in the War
against Japan. Professor Hasegawa demonstrates that it was the
USSR’s declaration of war, not the atomic bombs, that forced the
Japanese to surrender unconditionally. 
Greg Mitchell, co-author of “Hiroshima in America” &
Adviser to the Award-Winning Film “Original Child Bomb”

The U.S. engaged in suppression of the film footage following the
atomic bomb attacks on Japan, and for decades afterward
suppressed all film shot in Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Now, a portion
of that footage will finally reach the American public so they will be
able to judge for themselves why the authorities felt they had to
suppress it, and what impact their footage, if widely aired, might
have had on the nuclear arms race — and the nuclear proliferation
that endangers us today.
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