I’m a long-time New Yorker. Periodically, like every day, I pine away for the New York of my youth when there were art galleries, music clubs and drug dens where there are Duane Reades and Pinkberrys now. There are many reasons for this suburbification of NY but certainly, none are more in your face and proud of their obnoxious role in this process than our mayor-for-life Mike Bloomberg. I’ve never voted for him for anything, instead I’ve opted for the cardboard cutouts of public servants NY’s vile Democratic party has thrown up like the very memorable William Thompson and machine politico Fernando Ferrer who rose to prominence as Bronx Borough President when the holder of that office, Stanley Simon went to jail in a municipal scandal.

I think I’m having a change of heart about the nation’s richest short guy now though. He has always spoken out forcefully about gun control, and he’s been a leading voice among mayors for forward-thinking environmental policies. Recently, he gave $500,000 to the Sierra Club and he officiated at some gay weddings. I guess he’s evolved. You might almost think he’s got some actual convictions.

I’m sure he wants to run for President and have heard he’d actually do if the ALEC party actually nominates Michele Bachmann, or maybe even Rick Perry. So would it be a good idea to throw the Big O overboard for Mayor Mike?

In the last two days Obama has sent Leon Panetta out to lobby for Medicare and Social Security cuts to keep up out of control defense spending, OK’d Shell drilling in the Arctic and picked Tea Party Senator Mike Lee’s legal counsel to be the next U.S. attorney for Utah.

That’s just the last two days! Clearly Obama doesn’t even want my vote. At this point what would you even say Barack believes in other than his own re-election? So I’m prepared to go all Grover and pledge I’m not voting for him ever again. Would anybody care to join me?

Bloomberg would probably be Mitt Romney with an overlay of socially liberal policies. Oh wait I guess that sounds like Obama. Actually I think he would be a minor improvement. Maybe Ralph Nader meant him when he said only the super-rich can save us.