The Greeks protest.

The Spanish protest.

F, even the Israelis are protesting.  That’s 250,000 people.  In the streets.  Calling for social justice.

And we …???  October 6th better get here soon.  Before there’s no reason to protest.

Frustrated?  Yes.  Confused?  Yes, yes.  Impatient as hell?  Oh ya.

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world right now that the corporate media refuses to cover.  And why would they?  They’re run by the thieves and liars.  They hire shills/pawns.  Pay them enough to basically act like a trained monkey – here, read this, good boy/girl (pats them on the head, and then hands them a big pile of cash).

So ya, you know that Seal Team 6 that assassinated Bin Laden?  Well they might have died in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.  MIGHT.  MAY.  Got conflicting reports from the imperial propaganda department.  But O is really broken up about it.  Really.  I think he may cry.  Don’t worry, nothing fishy here.  I mean, this is war.  And sure the team that violated foreign sovereignty of another country to go assassinate Bin Laden (because Dawg forbid we actually try him), MAY, MIGHT, POSSIBLY  could have been on that helicopter.

And who could have possibly seen this coming:  I mean 36 MILLION pounds of turkey recalled?  Salmonella baby.  There can only be one solution: LESS REGULATION!!! Can we please gut he EPA and OSHA next.  I mean, seriously, what do they do?  You know, I like my fellow Amerikans, do NOT know, and DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.

And I feel fairly neutral about Moore, but wanted to share this one part,

From time to time, someone under 30 will ask me, “When did this all begin, America’s downward slide?” They say they’ve heard of a time when working people could raise a family and send the kids to college on just one parent’s income (and that college in states like California and New York was almost free). That anyone who wanted a decent paying job could get one. That people only worked five days a week, eight hours a day, got the whole weekend off and had a paid vacation every summer. That many jobs were union jobs, from baggers at the grocery store to the guy painting your house, and this meant that no matter how “lowly” your job was you had guarantees of a pension, occasional raises, health insurance and someone to stick up for you if you were unfairly treated.…a_letter_from_michael_moore/.  Yup, that was once America.