"surprised banana face"

"surprised banana face" by raysto on flickr

The ‘banana’ part of the title refers to the aspect of U.S. governance that is like a ‘banana republic’, as defined by wikipedia.

Specifically “A banana republic is a commercial enterprise for profit by collusion between the State and favoured monopolies, whereby the profits derived from private exploitation of public lands is private property, and the debts incurred are public responsibility.”

The “split” part is my take on what actions can be taken NOW to address the situations confronting the nation and the second split is about what to shoot for in the ‘future’.

There might be overlap between the two splits but the first ‘split’ is focused on the NOW whilst the second takes in account that the hill is steep and it will take sometime to climb to the top.

The ‘first split’ includes:

The need as Donna Edwards stated on DemocracyNow on August 3,2011, “that we need to play a little bit more hardball with these folks and really take it to the American people, because in poll after poll, I mean, we hear, we know, that the American public believes that those wealthiest two percent need to pay their fair share and that they’re not doing it.”

And the way to do that is to have citizen’s writing,emailing,faxing,tweeting Obama, Reid, Pelosi,and one’s Rep and Senator’s to say that UNLESS McConnell and Boehner appoint members to the “Super Congress” that will PUBLICLY state they are NOT opposed to raising revenues, the Dem’s will boycott –not participate at all– in the “Super Congress”.

Pelosi can be emailed at AmericanVoices@mail.house.gov if you’re not one of her constituents; Reid doesn’t have such an email address so one can see how the Senate differs in it’s relation to the U.S. citizen.

Yes, such may bring about the ‘sequestration’ in the debt deal BUT that can be overturned and the pain that is coming will bring impetus to overturning the sequestration. Even more importantly, it could bring about the demise of such ‘commissions’ that circumvent the idea of a representative republic(or democracy as the media likes to say).

Additionally a ‘jobs program’ could be funded -despite the ‘debt limit’ deal- by changing the tax code so that ANY employee salary compensation -including stock options- or consultant fees and expenses that exceed the salary of the POTUS are NOT deductible as ANY sort of business expense and that such revenues are to be solely used for such a ‘jobs program’. ALSO, ANY employee hired by any company after July 1,2011 will count double as a business expense for taxation purposes if such an employee is retained for at least one year.(THAT should make Cantor happy OR ,at least, take away one of his ‘talking points’).

Also, one can get behind -and contribute if possible- to:

The second split includes:

A concerted effort by ALL the ‘political factions'(Dems, Repubs,Greens,Tea Partiers,Libertarians,etc.) calling on the President -no matter who it might be-to advocate an amendment to the Constitution That reflects what the REAL First Amendment outlined; see here and here.

And if a President won’t do such, then any Representative or Senator. Because the ‘taxation without representation’ paradigm is even worse now than when the American Revolution took place.

Keep pushing the House OR Senate to change The United States Code -the law of the land- Title 1,Chapter 1:
“Words denoting number, gender, and so forth” to read: the words “person” and “whoever” DOES NOT include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies,and joint stock companies EXCEPT INASMUCH AS SUCH A USAGE PERTAINS TO THE ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCT USED FOR LEGAL PURPOSES OTHER THAN THE PROCESSES AND ASSOCIATIVE MATERIALS AND ACTIONS INVOLVED IN ANY ELECTION.
(TITLE 1 > CHAPTER 1 > § 8 covers the legal definition of a living,breathing person)

From a conversation with Jane, someone brought this up in the House Rules Cmte. when the Dems were in the majority and the Rules Cmte. killed the idea.

And if anyone thinks the law is consistent about corporations being people, see this diary I wrote back on September 29, 2010:

If others have concrete suggestions to address the ideas I’ve written about, please elaborate the ideas with sourcing in the comments.

“In a building of gold, with riches untold,
lived the families on which the country was founded.
And the merchants of style, with their red velvet smiles,
were there, for they also were hounded.
And the soft middle class crowded in to the last,
for the building was fully surrounded.
And the noise outside was the ringing of revolution.

Sadly they stared and sank in their chairs
and searched for a comforting notion.
And the rich silver walls looked ready to fall
As they shook in doubtful devotion.
The ice cubes would clink as they freshened their drinks,
wet their minds in bitter emotion.
And they talked about the ringing of revolution.

We were hardly aware of the hardships they beared,
for our time was taken with treasure.
Oh, life was a game, and work was a shame,
And pain was prevented by pleasure.
The world, cold and grey, was so far away
In the distance only money could measure.
But their thoughts were broken by the ringing of revolution.

The clouds filled the room in darkening doom
as the crooked smoke rings were rising.
How long will it take, how can we escape
Someone asks, but no one’s advising.
And the quivering floor responds to the roar,
In a shake no longer surprising.
As closer and closer comes the ringing of revolution.

Softly they moan, please leave us alone
As back and forth they are pacing.
And they cover their ears and try not to hear
With pillows of silk they’re embracing.
And the crackling crowd is laughing out loud,
peeking in at the target they’re chasing.
Now trembling inside the ringing of revolution.
With compromise sway we give in half way

When we saw that rebellion was growing.
Now everything’s lost as they kneel by the cross
Where the blood of christ is still flowing.
To late for their sorrow they’ve reached their tomorrow
and reaped the seed they were sowing.
Now harvested by the ringing of revolution.

In tattered tuxedos they faced the new heroes
and crawled about in confusion.
And they sheepishly grinned for their memoroes were dim
of the decades of dark execution.
Hollow hands were raised; they stood there amazed
in the shattering of their illusions.
As the windows were smashed by the ringing of revolution.

Down on our knees we’re begging you please,
We’re sorry for the way you were driven.
There’s no need to taunt just take what you want,
and we’ll make amends, if we’re living.
But away from the grounds the flames told the town
that only the dead are forgiven.
As they crumbled inside the ringing of revolution.”



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