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Wisconsin: Right wing Talking Points – Rebuttal Please?

Here’s the assertions (unsubstantiated):

Walker’s budget fix liberated the state from the fiscal death grip of its public sector unions. He saved taxpayers hundreds of millions, and he saved the jobs of tens of thousands of state workers, municipal employees, and teachers who would otherwise have been laid off.

Local government and school districts are saving money, instituting merit pay for teachers, reducing class sizes, improving services, and reducing tax burdens on the real working class. The rank-and-file teachers in Milwaukee are forcing their own union leaders to re-open contract negotiations to bring back teachers laid off by adopting Governor Scott Walker’s plan.

Wisconsin has already paid back its debt to the state of Minnesota, and it is paying back its debts to trust funds raided over the past decade. Walker’s fiscal responsibility led to favorable borrowing terms, saving millions each month in lower interest and fees.

Wisconsin companies stayed here and led the nation in job creation in June, creating over half of all net jobs in the country. 40,000 jobs have been created since he took office in January – that is how you raise revenue without increasing tax rates on anybody.

Employers across Wisconsin have thousands more job openings we can’t fill for the lack of qualified, educated workers. The Governor has announced an initiative to reform our education system to improve the relevance and effectiveness of our schools, once the best in the nation. Thank God for that, and now Governor Walker is going ahead without the cooperation of the Unions.

I’m really curious about this, especially the claim to reduce class size.

I do expect the Republican talking points to echo these claims over the next months, in Wisconsin and in the country.

What are the facts?

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