While we at FDL realize that all we need is someone with a math background (even an economist!!! 🙂 ), to solve a cost minimization problem subject to quality constraints, and in few months we would have our new military budget, Obama has needed a few questions answered first.

“How much do I save by ending unions amongst the military’s civilian employees and sub-contractors.

How much can I save by allowing our Chinese friends to bid on all military contracts.

How much can I save if I replace workers and warriors with technology and an unemployment check plus a 3 month voucher to a re-training school – a classic capital for labor trade.

Would outsourcing Department IT to India save enough to justify the required late night conference calls on status of operations?

How much do we save by outsourcing to private armies, and can the CIA’s private secret outsourced Airforce and Navy replace our current set-up at a savings.

North Korea, Muslim and other dictatorships, have an excess of police that could be imported at much lower costs than the cost of military police – indeed we should look to use them to replace our current police unions.

Why can’t the VA do its hospital work via medical flights to cheap Asian health care areas?

Can we either hide the real reason for military purchases or explain the value of giving contracts to companies that will in turn give the 2012 campaign money?

When it is pointed out that 7 Navy fleets rather than our current 11 (plus 2 in reserve) are all we need, or that projected power and weapons to defeat China in a World War are not needed if the US and China are not headed toward a world war, do we have a “fear the other” speech ready so the game can go on?

In the new military can we get some accountability built in so we can fire an army that is not performing – indeed does this need not point to the need to outsource our use of armies?

But first I, Obama, need a speech that explains that there is a silver lining to the current lack of money in the budget that has encourage our search for efficiency, and that while I, Obama, am sadly required for national security reasons to reject the trillion of cuts Def Sec Gates proposed, I. Obama, am very proud of the $400 billion over 10 years that has been found, and is very sorry that the reduction in savings to this lower amount will have to be offset by cuts to Social Security.

Now Leon, I just gave you the answer to the how much can we save via being more efficient – it is $400 billion over 10 years, so can you write up the study that justifies this and the outsourcing and union busting and military health care destruction, and nothing else?”