Hello. I am America.

I’m part of a rich and powerful family that has done some great things in the past.
I have not done anything great, but being a part of that family makes me feel like I have.

I work a menial job that doesn’t pay enough (US tax code), and I keep getting paid less and less. My house (infrastructure) needs a lot of repairs but I cannot afford them right now. It’s so bad that my rich friends will not come to visit me (off shore corporations).

That does not stop me from going on a lot of lavish vacations (foreign wars) and buying a lot of my rich friends drinks and dinner whenever we go out (tax cuts for the wealthy). I usually put these on my credit card, which keeps having the limit raised. One of my rich friends (top 2%) owns the bank, so he keeps helping me get the limit raised and refinances my mortgage.

I’m not sure if they like me, they give a lot of those drinks and meals that I buy them to their foreign friends (multi-national corporations). Unfortunately, for no real reason, I cannot stop doing these foolish things (tea-publicans). I know it’s wrong and I fight with myself (congress), but I keep doing these things that I know are self-destructive (congress).

If I try to stop, my family and rich friends will be insulted and will ruin my reputation (mainstream media). My rich friends, who keep promising to hire me, will no longer like me if I don’t buy them drinks and dinner anymore. And I need them to like me, because they are going to hire me and invite me to their parties (supply-side economics).

Really, that’s what they say. You’ll see, you’ll see…