As +972’s Mairav Zonszein reported yesterday, from Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Blvd…

Jewish supremacists visit social justice protests

How long can the social justice protests go on without defining what “social justice” means? While there was no official rejection of the Kahanists’ visit by protest leaders, some activists confronted them and skirmishes broke out…

…Yesterday’s spectacle of far rightists at the tent protest visiting from their illegal settlements in the West Bank was significant because they were scuffling with fellow citizens, rather than their disenfranchised and discriminated Palestinian neighbors who they usually scuffle with. They brought their extremist politics to a turf filled with secular Jews, activists, anarchists, gays and transgenders, making them appear the odd ones out.

This should be a clear sign to those in the movement that there is a need to formalize and sharpen definitions of “social justice,” even at the expense of alienating fellow citizens and calling attention to the deep cracks that divide Jewish society here. Today a Facebook event was started calling for a protest on Saturday in reaction to the visit, which will specifically assert that Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a multi-cultural city and calling for unity and tolerance, not fascism, homophobia and racism. This is a step in the right direction.

Indeed it is shared values that should connect the people in this movement, not shared citizenship.

From today’s Haaretz…

Livni: Netanyahu trying to quash Israel protests, not solve problems

Kadima chairman and MK Mofaz strongly criticize government’s response to cost-of-living protesters, who are expected to hold large demonstrations in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Saturday night.

Opposition Leader MK Tzipi Livni criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a meeting of the Kadima Party on Friday morning for not responding to the substance of the cost of living protests that have engulfed the country over the last three weeks.

“Benjamin Netanyahu does not concern himself with changing national priorities, but with how to reduce the scope of protests, that is all he cares about,” said Livni at the Friday morning meeting. “We suggested the prime minister reopens the 2012 budget in order to create a new budget, but Netanyahu refuses to do so.”

Livni also said it is mandatory to change the way that governments get replaced in office. “Governments who are led by a person that does not work for the good of the majority, but spends all their money on small segments of society – they generate complete distrust for the system,” she said.

Aah, So that’s how it supposed to work, Mz Livni…?

Well, Bibi doesn’t quite see it that way…

As Israel’s social protests continue, Netanyahu sees a big political opportunity

The prime minister sounds truly committed to tackling the issues brought up by the protesters, writes Yossi Verter, but that doesn’t mean he likes the protest leaders themselves, whom he thinks wish him ill…

“This could be our big opportunity. Are they saying that after this protest the country will be different? Definitely. Very different. You can’t complain about the economy. The economy works. Education, communications and transportation work. There are complaints, justified complaints, about the cost of living. My political strategy for the coming year is simply to address all these problems seriously.” […]

The prime minister knows that as long as he has Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, his government will last forever. He believes the opposition striving to topple him faces two main obstacles: his coalition’s political stability and the time remaining until elections. He has at least a year and a half to revise and improve. Today’s agenda is not the agenda of late 2012. He is hearing politicians calling Habima Square his Tahrir Square. He is not amused, as he watches his friend, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, caged in a Cairo court. “Tahrir Square? Have I sent an army to shoot demonstrators?” he asks…

My, how comforting, Bibi…!

Btw, maybe it was because they were busy beavers, elsewhere… Many treated for the Effects of Tear Gas Inhalation as troops attack the weekly West Bank Protests.

Getting back to Bibi, the Knesset, and Kadima…

Some Kadima MKs Withdraw Support for Bill Eliminating Arabic and English as Official Languages

After initially supporting a bill in the Israeli parliament that would change Israel’s definition as a “Jewish and democratic state” to “the national home of the Jewish people,” several MKs from the opposition Kadima party withdrew their signatures from the bill.

The bill would also eliminate Arabic and English as official languages of Israel, making Hebrew the only official language.

Knesset sources said the bill has broad support and will most likely pass in the Knesset’s winter session.

Can ya just feel the Love from that bunch of Rightwingers…?

All the while, there goes another slice of the Palestinian Pizza Pie…

EU slams Israel’s decision to build new East Jerusalem housing project

Catherine Ashton said the timing of the decision was particularly regrettable, since it undermines the international community’s recent attempts to reestablish trust between the sides.