One only needs to look at the popular indigenous democratic movements in Syria and Libya, the collective blood lost, the historical pain of anti-democratic repression, and the militarization of large segments of these respective governments, to see the “end game” objectives that Assad and Gaddafi share.  They simply want to survive at all costs…even though it means the most brutal aggression against their own people and the ravaging of national resources.

But in the end, it must be the people of Syria and Libya who assert their will and remove Assad and Gaddafi from power, bringing them to the courtroom of justice, and educating the world on the nature of these regimes.  US/NATO intervention will not liberate the people of Syria and Libya, nor will it clarify the Assad and Gaddafi crimes against humanity.

Some on the left have failed to see the popular revolutionary nature of the uprising of the Libyan people against Gaddafi.  Some even go as far as promoting Gaddafi’s social reforms as evidence that Gaddafi promotes an anti-imperialist agenda.  How does that square with Gaddafi’s past support/subservience to Idi Amin, Charles Taylor, and several multinational oil corporations?

And then there are the left critics that fantasize that all popular revolutionary movements must slice, dice, and reject all western-tainted support in order to qualify for support in their perfect ivory tower of “revolutionary analysis.”  Revolutions and civil wars, including our own, simply don’t fit perfect models.  The Libyan and Syrian people are choosing sides based on the essence and totality of the revolutionary process unfolding in their own lives.  They know from where they’ve come…their goals and dreams are their inalienable right.

For me, solidarity doesn’t need to be qualified.

e b bortz

e b bortz