Today I took Fenway to the vet to get stitches taken out. Wembley came a long for the ride.

As you might guess, Wembley was quite excited by the prospect of a field trip.

Fenway, not so much. But then he was the one getting stitches taken out … OF HIS PENIS!

Fifteen minutes of wrangling them in and out of the truck and getting all the appropriate windows open so they hang out without falling out and them deciding where they wanted to sit.  Twenty minutes of letting them wander around at home and outside the vet’s office sniffing/peeing/pooping/barking at nothing (Wembley only on the barking). Forty five minutes traveling back and forth to the vet.

Less than three  minutes to take the stitches out.

Seriously, I think they did it on the move while he was still walking into the back.

Now I have so many nose smears on the windows it looks like I was overrun by a snail stampede.

Those can be dangerous, you know…



Yeah. Like I would tell you....