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The Roundup for August 4, 2011

Happy birthday Barack Obama (despite Republican opposition)! I heard the stock market got you something. I’m sure it was better than the free Grand Slam breakfast Denny’s offered you.

• Things are looking up, sales of luxury items are strong! Wait until they look at their stock portfolios after today.

• ALEC, the right-wing legislation factor for the states, is having its annual meeting in New Orleans this week. Wisconsin state Rep. Mark Pocan has a report. Apparently they’ve kicked out the Center for Media and Democracy’s Eric Carlson two days in a row. But not before he found this literature on “the many benefits of atmospheric CO2 enrichment.” Incidentally, ALEC’s model legislation looks strikingly similar to Rick Perry’s governing agenda in Texas.

• Looks like the claim of $350 billion in defense cuts in the first round of the debt limit deal is quite bogus.

• Wells Fargo screwed yet another family out of their mortgage, so they’ve parked themselves in the backyard while they sue the bank for wrongful foreclosure.

• The large amount of borrowing immediately after the debt limit deal comes from the unwinding of some emergency measures, since Treasury was using them after it reached the debt limit back in May, yes?

Don’t get bogged down in the details, President Obama tells supporters canvassing for him. For instance, on Iraq, “you have a pretty simple answer, which is all our folks are going to be out of there by the end of the year,” and don’t get bogged down in the detail that the US and Iraq are negotiating over having up to 10,000 troops stay longer.

• I’m very skeptical of this WSJ headliner about how “the White House wooed Wall Street” on the debt limit deal. I’m pretty sure Wall Street didn’t need to be wooed on the threat of a financial meltdown.

• Shorter Andrew Sullivan: Eat your peas before I take them away too.

• Great moments in Congressional hijacking: David Vitter blocking the nominee to run the Fish and Wildlife Service unless more fish and wildlife are threatened by additional offshore oil exploration.

• The mystery $1 million donation to a Mitt Romney SuperPAC from a company that immediately dissolved is a sign of the post-Citizens United times. Campaign finance reformers want an investigation.

• I’m all for a public, televised Catfood Commission, though I’m not sure how much good it will do.

• Rep. David Wu (D-OR) formally resigned, as he said he would once the debt limit deal passed. We’re back to three vacancies in the House; two will be filled September 13 (NV-02 and NY-09).

• Richard Cordray was supposed to have his confirmation hearing for CFPB chair today. It got postponed by a month. Let the obstruction begin!

• NBC/Comcast is already playing games with the competition, according to Al Franken.

• The Administration has banned immigration visas for human rights violators. Good.

• With little else decided, so far we know that grad students get hurt hard by the debt limit deal.

• Welcome former Sen. Blanche Lincoln to the right-wing lobbyist brigade. Thanks for playing!

• Single payer health care is massively cheaper from an administrative standpoint. That’s the whole point.

• Issue 2, the veto of Ohio’s SB 5, is officially on the November ballot, and they caught a break. A “No” vote on issue 2 means that SB 5 is vetoed by the citizenry. That’s a better position, according to initiative experts.


• Yves Smith claims that a source told her Elizabeth Warren is running for Senate.

• Michael Bloomberg is paying much of the cost out of his own pocket for a minority youth improvement bill.

• The Democratic Party of Wisconsin alleges a major coverup by Sen. Alberta Darling, who faces a recall election on Tuesday, colluding with right-wing groups on her campaign.

Ya think: “Dems warn high numbers of long-term unemployed could derail economic recovery.”

• In ten years Nigeria will just be one giant oil cleanup project.

• The mayor of Sunland Park, New Mexico was drunk when he signed those contracts, thank you very much. That’s his alibi.

• Kids: never leave your Facebook profile open where your dad can get to it.

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