It is being said that those who hold Human Values and stand for Principles of Justice, which is known as the Rule of Law, and appreciate the Constitution of the United States of America, just “lost”.  That the Forces of Greed and Destruction, just “won”.

Let us examine what is being said.


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What did we “lose”?

Did we lose our committment to Human Values and Principles of Justice, economic as well as “legal”?

We did not.

Do we have any reason to feel shame or embarrassment?

We do not.

Did we act contrary to what we profess to value and appreciate, in the Constitution of this nation?

We did not.

Some may say that we have lost time and opportunity.

Let us examine that assertion.

What time did we lose when most of our fellow American citizens are unable, as yet, to grasp the concept that “now” is, collectively, OUR time, that is, time ONLY “belongs” to those who recognize it as the “medium” in which we ALL exist and through which we ALL experience life, and if we truly “understand”, then we give back to life by SPENDING time wisely.

Those who “understand” HAVE been using time wisely AND well, by learning and sharing that learning.  What have we learned these past several, or many, years?

I would suggest that we have learned a number of things.

We have learned that most of the INDIVIDUAL human beings who “possess” great wealth do NOT agree with either the values or the principles which we, as a human COMMUNITY, regard as fundamentally necessary to civil society.

We have learned that ALL THREE “branches” of the government of the United States of America, as reflected in the behavior of the INDIVIDUAL human beings who hold positions of great power in the EXECUTIVE, the CONGRESSIONAL, and the JUDICIAL branches of this government, not only do NOT share our values and principles, but, instead, are engaged in a conspiracy of complicity to deliberately and intentionally undermine those values and principles, that they and a corporate elite may dominate, not merely this nation, but the entire world with an unopposable TYRANNY of BRUTE POWER and RUTHLESS GREED.

What have we lost when more INDIVIDUAL human beings understand this crushing and despicable truth, each and every single day?

It is the greedy and powerful who are losing, and  the severity and heartlessness of their recent behaviors suggest not “winning,” but genuine desperation.

It is a psychological truth that those who use fear to manipulate the lives of others are the beings most susceptible to fear; the rich and the powerful are the most fearful among us, that is why they sought wealth and power  in the first place, and also, why they would prefer to destroy the world than lose any little bit of what they have “accumulated”, by whatever means.

It is an “end-game” which the ruling class is “playing”, and waging with deadly intent, against the rest of us.

The fiction that the powerful are well-intentioned, merely uninformed, or honestly mistaken is espoused by those who do NOT understand, some from simple ignorance of the truth, but most simply because they identify themselves, through fear and small-mindedness, with money and power while possessing little or none of either, themselves.

Let us consider; What is the most important thing, beyond the truth, support, help, and compassion which we may offer each other, those of us who have come to “understand”?

I would suggest that it is INSPIRATION.

And that inspiration is precisely what members of the community of understanding, as manifest at this site, FireDogLake, DO offer each other.

I have been a participant in this community, FDL, for several years.  I have been a member of the larger communnity of understanding , or the seeking of understanding, for somewhat longer, I count this as my fiftieth year.

I say, to everyone in this community, we make “progress”, one mind and one heart at a time, and have EFFECT, as a community, every single day.  The proof of this reality, for me, is that what I term “the conversation”, the honest and open discussion of our common plight and dilemma which has, today, MANY MORE voices participating than it had yesterday which had more voices than the day before …

“Understanding” comes to the individuals who truly seek it and effective, world-changing  “ACTION” comes  from and through individuals joined together, in community, ACTING in concert together in shared awareness, conscience, intent, and courage.

The “Discussion” , “the CONVERSATION”, is actually shaping the world which we envision and imagine, that is what our collective consciousness does, it creates the world.  If we have the courage to imagine a better, more humane world, then the courage and committment to build it is ours for the doing and embracing.

Our most difficult task is to overcome the impediments of doubt, of mistrust, and of a crippling timidity of imagination.

To be continued …