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Some comic relief in the aftermath of the terrorist attack

So yet again, the terrorists threatened to take the good faith and credit of Uncle Sam hostage. And they got their way. You remember that thing called the PATRIOT Act? Is there anyway we can charge the President and the Democrats for supporting domestic terrorists under that? Just a thought.

Now for some Democratic party jokes :

“Under the Republicans, man exploits man. With the Democrats, just the opposite is true.” – bumper sticker

“The real reason Democrats favor stem cell research ? It is their best shot at regenerating some backbone” – from a cartoon

1. There would still be a Soviet Union if they’d been smart enough to have two communist parties that agreed about everything except abortion.

2. Democrats : Republicans :: Getting stabbed : Getting shot. Why aren’t you enthusiastic about getting stabbed? WOULD YOU RATHER GET SHOT?

3. The Republican vision is that 20 white male billionaires will own everything and rule the world with an iron whip. The Democratic vision is completely different, in that not all the billionaires will be white men.

Now for some not so funny , just apt :
From a Facebook comment: “Obama has dragged the goalposts so far to the right that Richard Nixon isn’t even on the field any more”.
“There will come a day when Republicans look back fondly on Obama, as liberals might well now take someone as liberal as Nixon.”

Another good one on Obama’s obsession with bipartisanshit :

Something serious :
Congressman David Price (D-NC) on his “no” vote on the debt ceiling “deal” (

“Finally, I also vote no because I refuse to legitimize the demands of ideologues who have recklessly held the national economy hostage to their extreme agenda. Governance by brinksmanship is not worthy of being called governance. The American people deserve better than a House of Representatives that forces the entire country to lurch from one artificially created crisis to the next. We are the United States Congress, not the Tea Party’s Congress, and it’s time we started acting like it.”

Share your own funnies in the comment on the sorry state of our nation, politics and the Democrats.

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