We have no leadership. I know some don’t believe that we need leadership, but I totally disagree. That doesn’t even make sense to me. We need leadership now more than ever.

The libertarians have Ron Paul. Considering Paul’s stance on imperial wars of recreation, and the fact that the pod people seem to turn back into regular human Democrats, to at least some extent, when a Republican is in office, I have a hard time not thinking that Paul would be much better than Obama.

But, Jesus Christ.

I really don’t want to vote for Ron Paul.

Most of our potential leaders seem scared to call a spade a spade and admit that the DLC has massively corrupted the party. I don’t think they can even admit it to themselves. And that’s, honestly, terrifying. I see it not only in otherwise good guys like Kucinich and Sanders, but in many genuine lefties in local politic groups. Overall, party loyalty still reigns supreme, and people do incredible mental gymnastics to justify it.


I know a lot (most?) of y’all are right here with me. I’m mostly just venting, I guess.


Hope. Change. Not.