Great news, even if still indefinite:

Ralph Nader, the consumer advocate and perennial third-party presidential candidate, announced last month that he would work to find a Democrat to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.

Nader now says that a primary challenge is a near certainty.

“What [Obama] did this week is just going to energize that effort,” Nader promised in an interview with The Daily Caller. “I would guess that the chances of there being a challenge to Obama in the primary are almost 100 percent.”

The only question, he said, is the stature of that opponent and whether it will be either “an ex-senator or an ex-governor” or “an intellectual leader or an environmental leader.”

In approximately a week and a half there will be “another chapter of this effort,” Nader predicted.

I cross-posted at dailykos, here. At DK, I added a poll, asking, “Would you welcome a Democratic challenger to Obama, of considerable “stature”?”

Currently, 57% of 285 votes says, “Yes”. Most of the comments, OTOH, seem negative. If this is correct, then it’s evidence of Obama loyalists and Nader haters expressing themselves moreso than their opposites. and/OR it’s evidence of paid for spammers. This suggests that adding polls to diaries can serve as a counter-measure to spammers and bots.