What if you were to obtain important government information illegally and then disseminate it widely? How should you be punished? If you are Bradley Manning, you will be thrown in jail, tortured, humiliated, deprived of even basic creature comforts and forced to sleep naked in an isolation cell.

Can you even imagine this same thing happening to Rupert Murdoch? Ever?

Let’s compare these two men’s actions. Manning made public some vital information that was necessary to help Americans know more truthfully about what is going on here and thus help us to be able to make better decisions based on correct facts.

Murdoch made public some falsified information that caused America to get stuck with George W. Bush whether we wanted him or not, to get unnecessarily embroiled in several illegal and disastrous wars that cost America trillions of dollars we could ill afford and to support ghastly financial policies that stripped our economy to the bone.

And where are Murdoch and Manning now?

Bradley Manning is currently incarcerated at Leavenworth federal penitentiary — and with no end in sight to his ordeal.

And Murdoch? I’m not really sure where Rupert Murdoch is now — probably in his 44-million-dollar apartment overlooking Central Park? Who knows for sure. But I betcha anything that there is gonna be no torture or jail time involved.

Jane Stillwater

Jane Stillwater