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Mitt Romney Bows Before National Organization For Marriage


From Ben Smith At Politico:

Former Gov. Mitt Romney has joined Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Sen. Rick Santorum in signing a pledge to oppose same-sex marriage on a number of specific fronts.

The three candidates signed the pledge advanced by the National Organization for Marriage, which has led national and state campaigns to limit marriage to a man and a woman.

The signature of the frontrunner, Romney, is a bit of a coup for the group, as he's been careful about committing to other pledges, including a broad promise to a socially conservative Iowa group that caused trouble for other candidates. Romney, Bachmann, and Santorum signed on to supporting a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage, to appoint federal judges who don't see a Constitutional right to same-sex marriage, and to back the Defense of Marriage Act.

Yes, that's what the country needs, another amendment to the Constitution. Battles for ratification in 50 states! All to stop teh gheys from getting married (oh noes!). Way to show you've got your eyes on the big picture, Governor Ken Doll. That's the kind of leadership the country is looking for in these tough, economic times.

Moreover, signers pledge to repeal marriage equality in the District of Columbia (so much for small government) and make opposition to marriage equality a judicial litmus test (no activist judges granting gays equality based on reading the Constitution in a way haters disagree). My favorite is a promise to protect those poor traditional marriage supporters from being "harassed or threatened" by those mean, old gay bullies. Call the waaaah-bulance.

Seriously dude. This isn't going to help you win the nomination.

It will cement your reputation as a flip-flopping waffler that has no core principles. Nice way to remind the good people of your home state they're glad to be done with you.

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