Kenneth Gladney Is, Like, Emmett Till Times Infinity

Breitbart pity-hire John Nolte, fresh off giving The Undefeated a deep-penetrating tongue bath because his boss had a cameo appearance in the mostly unseen film,  turns his keen analytical skills to The Lonesome Teabagging Death of Hattie Carroll Kenneth Gladney with a multi-part  (with epilogue!) investigative report that proves without a shadow of a doubt that the White House, SEIU, Media Matters, the State of Missouri, local law enforcement, the American justice system and apparently the entire internet conspired to knock Kenneth Gladney off a curb which can only lead to (in the words of Nolte) the obvious conclusion:

When you think of the old segregated South where a black man could get no justice as those in power coalesced around “one of their own,” this is exactly what happened to Kenneth Gladney…

Yes. This is exactly the same thing. A minor scuffle that led to misdemeanor charges is the new lynching.

Expect multiple posts from fellow Breitbart blogger and belligerent nitwit Dana Loesch and the Dumbest Man on The Internet Jim Hoft citing this, as the greatest governmental conspiracy since  Iran/Contra.  Or maybe Watergate. One of those…

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