Jon Huntsman Campaign Has Spelling Difficulties with Their Candidate’s First Name

Jon Huntsman, the other GOP Mormon presidential candidate, started his campaign with an image problem. This ad really is the height of


And it’s only gotten worse. His own campaign staff can’t spell his first name correctly. C’mon,it’s three letters!  The Los Angeles Times reports:

campaign has also been flooding voters’ inboxes with a direct mail piece shedding more light on his background, as he plays catch-up with some better-known GOP rivals.

There’s just one problem: The glossy mailer misspelled the candidate’s name, adding an unnecessary “h” in his first name.

Oh my moon and stars. That is just dum. Okay, sloppy. And definitely a fail

This wasn’t the first time on the campaign trail that an extra H hopped into the former Utah governor’s name, courtesy of his staff:

At his campaign kickoff in June, reporters were given press credentials for the launch of “John Huntsman” for president… Aides quickly collected them when the error was pointed out.

If this is the kind of staff he hires to run his campaign, the GOP should be worried about who he  would pick to run the country. It’s be kind of embarrassing if he hosted a dinner in honor of the King of Pain.

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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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