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It’s Time For Smart Phone Elections

"BlackBerry Storm Smartphone"

"BlackBerry Storm Smartphone" by liewcf on flickr

The biggest problem with our system of government is the form of legalized bribery that wealthy powerful interests practice in the White House and the halls of Congress. The power of votes is negated by the power of money. No matter how much politicians promise to listen to their voter’s concerns, they invariably vote the way a wealthy lobbyist or campaign donor wants them to, and usually in the opposite way the voters who elected them want them to. Until this system is changed, our country will not progress forward.

Citizens United merely opened the floodgates to corporate money that had already controlled Washington for decades. Since Congress is owned by the powerful, I proposed in a previous post that activists pass clean election ballot initiatives in enough states to amend the Constitution. However, the Supreme Court struck down Arizona’s matching funds principle recently. So now the ballot initiative route seems to be a dead end.

So what now? Right wing interest groups with unlimited money can now flood the airwaves with misleading ads and propaganda that fool low information voters. They can spend as much as they want to get the government they want. However, there is one flaw in their approach, technology. They can run expensive ads on TV, and on the radio. They can send out glossy direct mail pieces. But all of these mediums belong to the pre-Internet age. Think about it. Do you get most of your news from the 6:30 evening broadcasts and the Sunday morning talk shows, or from websites like Firedoglake? Increasingly, more and more people are getting their news from the Internet, and not from TV news shows. If corporate interests run attack ads on TV, Internet users can find out easily that they’re lying. It costs nothing to set up a blog or post a video on youtube exposing these made up “facts”.

More and more people own smart phones that they carry with them everywhere they go. They can surf the Internet, send texts, make calls, check e-mail, listen to music and take pictures and videos. I propose that those of us who want to take on the powerful interests use this new technology to defeat them. We should run candidates who can win “smart phone elections”. We should target all those who Barack Obama targeted in 2008 and has since abandoned. The young, the well educated, racial and ethnic minorities and low-income people. They all have smart phones. Yes, even low income people. The other day I was in line in a store and I saw the person ahead of me paying with food stamps, but she had a smart phone.

Let the powerful interests like the Koch brothers bankroll expensive TV ad campaigns. We’ll send out our ads on youtube, which is much cheaper. Our candidates will advertise our rallies on Facebook, text where to go to vote and e-mail information about our opponent’s direct mail lies. The amount of money needed to run an Internet campaign is small compared to the millions or billions needed for a traditional Congressional or Presidential campaign. Let our opponents take the special interest bribe money. We don’t need it. And time and technology are on our side.

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