Thirteen-year-old Muhammad Antari was delivering food to shepherds along the border between Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan when a shell tore him to pieces.

Muhammad’s uncle, Abdullah Zrar, who was with him at the time of the explosion last week, told Rudaw, “The shell exploded a few meters away from him. Half of his skull was gone and his chest was torn into pieces.”

Antari was a resident of Batas village, near Harir in Erbil province. On July 28, he became one of the youngest victims of continued shelling by Iranian forces, who are locked in a battle with members of the armed rebel group, the Kurdish Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK) which launches attacks against Iran from the Iraqi border.


Iran has been heavily shelling Iraqi Kurdistan’s border areas for nearly a month and a half in an attempt to cripple PJAK. In addition to the loss of lives, hundreds of Kurdish families have been displaced and abandoned their farms and pastures.

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Anyways I thought we had troops in Iraq to among other things prevent Iran from attacking Iraq?

Is Iran that sure we are leaving and won’t cause a fuss? Is Iran that sure we won’t do anything and given it has been months of these attacks on Iraqi soil they might be right.

Fox News normally uses any chance they get to show Obama is weak their silence is very telling. The Righty Blog’s silence is telling but telling us what is my question.

Why spend any money on troops in Iraq if they won’t defend Iraq’s borders?

Why steal my SS and Medicare just to pay for our troops to stand around in foreign lands?



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