I attempted on three occasions to point out the hypocrisy and bigotry of Al Sharpton’s recent remark that he would never criticize President Barack Obama because he was black.  I also pointed out that Sharpton’s bigotry in the past included Jews (calling them “diamond merchants“), Greeks and gays (call Greek philosophers “homos”), Mormons (characterizing them as nonbelievers), and Caucasians (falsely accusing six white men of raping a young black woman, Tawana Brawley).

The editors of shadowproof.wpengine.com refused to publish my blog entry on the grounds that it was inflammatory and lacked a syllogistic argument, even though Al Sharpton’s controversial remarks have been widely published elsewhere and the fact that their utterances have been confirmed by the press obviates any need for further confirmation or proof of their veracity.

Regarding the editors charge of being inflammatory, what is more inflammatory:  my reporting on and satirizing the bigotry or Sharpton uttering the bigoted statements in the first place!  I agree that Sharpton’s utterances are indeed inflammatory.  That’s what prompted me to list all of the bigoted statements that he made over time so as to question the choice by MSNBC TV of Al Sharpton to be its political commentator on prime time at 6 PM every evening.  Who’s next on the line up to host a news show on MSNBC … the Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

It makes me wonder if Phil Griffin and Comcast and GE now control firedoglake.   Or did it simply make a deal with MSNBC similar to the one Al Sharpton made that got him that 6 PM news slot on MSNBC TV?

Incidentally, for all of you incensed about Cenk Uygur being removed off the air and replaced by Al Sharpton, please petition Phil Griffin by clicking Bring Back Cenk Uygur to MSNBC TV, selecting “Sign Petition, and entering name, address, and email address.

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