Common Sense

For a Democracy to survive it has to have a majority of open-minded
common-sense people.  Common sense tells
us two things have remained constant throughout history. Fear-mongering is the
most effective weapon to use in dividing and conquering and the rich and
powerful have always used narrow minded religious zealots as pawns to help them
keep many Nations in the Dark Ages…

Seventy-seven years of life as an American tells me I
inherited the most respected and prosperous Nation to ever exist. We are now
the leading debtor nation and most dis-respected. Common sense tells me that I
and most of my generation have defaulted on our children and grandchildren.
I may have an excuse; I know I am not the brightest star in the sky. I do know
what I have stated is a fact. I know it is also a fact that if there is a God
he never gave anyone like minds. For example; I believe that God speaks to us
through history and nature. History tells me that our Forefathers had a very
good reason to give us separation of Church and State. Throughout history
Religions have been the most divisive forces on Gods Earth.

The biggest problem America has is as plain as the nose on
our faces; the Religious Right. I am not talking about Christians. I am talking
about those who call themselves Christians that have no faith that God will
judge us the way they want us to be judged and want to force their beliefs on
everyone else. A true Christian is more likely to vote for a Good Samaritan to
represent them.

The second problem is the rich and powerful of Corporate
America that has known forever they could use the narrow-minded zealots.

Prior to our Supreme Court ruling that a woman has the right not
to bring an un-wanted fetus or a fetus that was threatening her life into the world,
we had a Democratic Party that represented the less fortunate and working
America.  The Republicans represented the
more fortunate. There was a pretty good balance of power. That balance was
tilted over when the zealots bolted the democrats.

The Religious Rights goal is to back door our Constitution by
electing Republicans that will appoint like-minded judges to our Supreme Court.
With the birth of Fox News and the influence of the false prophets such as Rush
Limbaugh and Glenn Beck they have succeeded in dividing our Nation into the red
and blue states.

The results are that our Supreme Court gave us the George W.
Bush Administration that destroyed as many as a million lives in Iraq, our
economy and our reputation.  Thousands of
those lives were our own loved ones. To add insult to injury the fear-mongers
held our Nation to four extra years of that administration before our young
people got wise and dumped the Republicans.

The fear-mongers have proven they are not ready to give up
their power to our young people by inventing the Tea Party. They succeeded in
blaming liberals or Good Samaritans, if you wish, for everything that has
happened. The children of my generation are exactly where fear-mongers have
been leading them for almost forty years; desperate and hungry.

The jobs that were developed with American technology and
served my generation so well have been shipped to China the Communist Atheist Nation that supplied the arms to kill
our Troops in Korea and Vietnam.

I have very little more respect for the Democratic Party that
abandoned Working Americans and a Woman’s Right to Choose. Common Sense tells
me that a liberal is closer to a Good Samaritan than a republican.

What happened to the slogans in God We Trust, United We
? When you hang your atheist made in China Christmas lights
this Christmas, look into a mirror and ask that question. I know you will find
the answer as to how we became the most disrespect and leading debtor
. The bottom line is Divided We Fall.

CALL your Congress Man or Woman and tell them to stop
subsidizing those that are destroying our Nation!

True American

True American