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Yeah, this will do it

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Twitterers were aflame last evening with the prospect that Pat Buchanan had finally gone too far:

“Reverend Al, please don’t throw me into that briar patch.”

“Your boy, Barack Obama, caved in… “

“He’s your boy in the ring!”

And it was the pure delight he put on uttering ‘briar patch’ and ‘boy’ that made it the whistle so fierce a pack of dobermans were seen outside the MSNBC studios (of course, that just may be Pat’s entourage).

But fret not, there’s no chance anyone like Pat Buchanan will ever be out of a job, that’s something “other” people experience.

There is nothing that Pat Buchanan can do to be fired, suspended, scolded, or even not complimented.

He has stuck up for Hitler; he has stuck up for death camp capos (comparing them to Jesus); he has stuck up for Jim Crow; he has stuck up for Apartheid; he’s even most recently stuck up for Nordic spree killers.  Yet the paychecks keep getting bigger.  How is this new race-baiting going to do him in?

Nope, he’ll always be there, in the Eichmann-like glass booth just kept outside the MSNBC studios ready to be set loose at all times of the day.  The Buchanity of Evil.

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